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The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that drug users can be forced to remain sober while on probation... [Read More]
The Supreme Judicial Court is set to hear arguments over whether valets have a legal duty to refuse returning a drunk person their car, making... [Read More]
A dispute over trimming a 100-foot-tall oak tree was put to bed by the Supreme Judicial Court in a pun-laden decision that upheld the legal... [Read More]
Massachusetts' highest court has upheld the authority of judges to order people with addiction to stay drug free as a condition of probation. In Monday's... [Read More]
The highest court in Massachusetts has overturned the murder conviction of a Maine man who was found guilty in connection with a 1994 disappearance and... [Read More]
The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that a judge can require a drug user to remain drug-free as a condition of probation. [Read More]
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