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A spokesperson for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on Sunday night said the panel will "attempt to evaluate" new allegations of sexual assault regarding... [Read More]
Hong Kong's government issued an unprecedented ban against a pro-independence political party that it has called a risk to national security. [Read More]
Assemblywoman Laura Friedman and state Senator Holly Mitchell each donated $2,500 each to Cristina Garcia's reelection campaign. [Read More]
Officials blame social media for the recent increase in rescue missions to Eaton Canyon and other hiking hotspots... [Read More]
Apple wants to make scripted shows for streaming. But it doesn't want to risk its pristine brand image by including violence, politics, raw language and... [Read More]
Apple Taking Conservative Approach, Rejects Dr. Dre Streaming Series As Too Violent - Report... [Read More]
PARENTS plan to buy their sons stab-proof vests to safeguard them from Britain's knife-crime epidemic. [Read More]
When investigative journalist Julia Angwin worked for ProPublica, the nonprofit news organization became known as "big tech's scariest watchdog." [Read More]
Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor has been trying to sedate the crustaceans with marijuana smoke to make their deaths less traumatic. [Read More]
Two tiny robots have landed safely on an asteroid after a Japanese spacecraft dropped them there on Friday. The scientists behind the historic mission expressed... [Read More]
On Sunday, the Drudge Report ran this blaring headline at the top of their page: "Another Woman?" [Read More]
Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer on a new allegation of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump's second Supreme Court nominee. His Yale classmate, Deborah... [Read More]
A Chinese naval ship has traveled to Venezuela for the first time, following a visit by President Nicolas Maduro to Beijing this month, where he... [Read More]
John Turmel initially went into politics to legalise gambling and stop getting busted... [Read More]
Younger buyers are investing in homes in such states as Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, experts say, in search of more affordable living and new places... [Read More]
When We All Vote kicks off in Las Vegas with a nonpartisan aim – registration and participation – in highly partisan times... [Read More]
Michelle Obama spent her Saturday officiating the wedding of the Chicago deputy mayor's daughter Stephanie Rivkin ahead of her highly anticipated book tour. [Read More]
The documentary muckraker keeps making films with his trademark fusion of snark and liberal warning. Maybe it's time for him to mix it up. [Read More]
KILLER robot manufacturers have been warned a "bug in AI code" could lead to horror malfunctions that include unintended murder sprees. [Read More]