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Paradise (United States) (AFP) - By all accounts, retired carpenter Brad Weldon should have evacuated his home in Paradise as the flames approached. [Read More]
Thousands of firefighters battled blazes in northern and southern California on Tuesday as body recovery teams searched the remains of houses and charred cars for... [Read More]
Difficult working conditions including punishment for minor offences and high staff turnover in Chinese factories that feed the global electronics ... [Read More]
China's artificial sun is designed to help develop cheap and clean energy on earth using nuclear fusion... [Read More]
The first wave of migrants from the Central American caravan began climbing border fences on Tuesday after arriving at the U.S. border. [Read More]
Hi-tech Singapore has deployed an autonomous robot with a swivelling camera for a head and flashing lights to patrol a summit venue -- arresting the... [Read More]
The U.S. Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission have subpoenaed Snap for information about its March 2017 initial public offering, the social media app... [Read More]
"It's time for a change," Rep. Filemon Vela, D-Texas, told ABC News. [Read More]
Israel's defense minister announced his intention to resign and withdraw his party from the ruling coalition, a move could pressure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to... [Read More]
Carey Hart posted a picture to Instagram Tuesday of a dozen gun-wielding men standing in front of a sign that reads, "Looters will be shot on... [Read More]
The United States has lost its military edge to a dangerous degree and could potentially lose a war against China or Russia, according to a... [Read More]
Robert De Niro called Donald Trump a "motherf---er" on Monday at the Friars Club tribute to Billy Crystal. [Read More]
A SICK family sold their 17-year-old daughter "virgin bride" on Facebook to the highest bidder for 500 cows, three cars and £7,500 in a "barbaric... [Read More]
A long-stalled criminal justice reform effort is facing a make-or-break moment: winning over President Trump's support. [Read More]
President Trump, brooding over midterm losses and the Mueller probe, has cancelled a number of events that presidents normally attend, including a visit to Arlington... [Read More]
The president's post-election outbursts during his Paris trip include a testy call with the British prime minister and threats to fire aides. [Read More]
House Republican leaders must decide how much to embrace President Donald Trump going into the 2020 election... [Read More]
Mention the Trojan War and what may first come to mind is the oft-told tale of Helen, wife of Sparta's King Menelaus and possessor of... [Read More]
A previously-unknown 1,500-year-old painting of Christ's face has been uncovered at a Byzantine church in Israel's Negev desert. [Read More]