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Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 10:36 AM
Few words in the congressional vocabulary are as profane as "earmark." [Read More]
MILAN: Elegant, tailored outfits are not reserved just for fashionistas in Italy — couture for dogs is proving a hit with some Milan pet owners.... [Read More]
Hollywood elites attending the latest self-congratulating awards ceremony will also get a rude reminder: That they "all knew" about Harvey Weinstein's alleged predatory behavior. L.A.... [Read More]
In the Trump era, some L.A. artists and musicians have rediscovered and revived Satanism as an influence. It has a long history in L.A.'s avant-garde. [Read More]
Humans brains are interconnected through type of 'wi-fi' which allows us to pick up far more information about other people than we are aware of,... [Read More]
On Jan. 12, 1967, James Bedford, a psychology professor at Glendale College in California who had just died of cancer, took his first step toward... [Read More]
The Patriots have entered full-on damage-control mode. One day after ESPN reported the team has reached a breaking point amid strife among owner Robert Kraft,... [Read More]
Legendary astronaut John Young, who walked on the moon and later commanded the first space shuttle flight, has died, NASA said Saturday. Young was 87. [Read More]
Alleged harasser claims he just wanted to get former Googler's attention when he suggested she deserved to be raped. [Read More]
"Game of Thrones" star Kit Harrington so drunk he's thrown out of New York City bar. [Read More]
Mandalay Bay hotel staff had more than 10 interactions with Stephen Paddock in the days leading up to his Oct. 1 massacre of 58 people... [Read More]
The president continued to lash out at a new book that paints him as unfit for office. [Read More]
Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has recalled for questioning at least one participant in a controversial meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer at Trump... [Read More]
According to Arab paper, former leader's comments against Rouhani government amid rallies have led authorities to seek to place him under house arrest... [Read More]
Elsewhere, Aaron Sorkin's 'Molly's Game' expands nationwide. [Read More]
Not a great day in the history of "Star Wars." After three weeks in release, "The Last Jedi" finished third on Friday night. It made... [Read More]
Mobs of Venezuelans gathered outside some Caracas supermarkets on Saturday after President Nicolas Maduro's government forced shops to slash prices, the latest unrest in the... [Read More]
As Hollywood prepares to celebrate its achievements at the Golden Globes on Sunday, new figures show all might not be well in the film industry,... [Read More]
Could the resurgence of the western in film and on TV be a reflection of the political turmoil of Trump's America? [Read More]
Perhaps the most noteworthy media development of the Trump era is the rise of "impeachment porn": regular breathless stories that purport to share the... [Read More]
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