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Town Board members have been asked to consider allowing Lighthouse TV23 public access to sell space for links to advertising videos on its video streaming web page. [Read More]
Syracuse University News is updated daily with stories about the people, events and scholarship occurring on campus, in the city of Syracuse, at our regional locations throughout the country and across the globe. [Read More]
Andrew Swinand, the new North American CEO of Chicago's iconic advertising agency Leo Burnett, says he was content running the business incubator he... [Read More]
Google announced more robust YouTube advertising tools on Friday, adding how its new offerings were designed to help advertisers target and measure their c... [Read More]
Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL)'s Google is the world's most used search engine. It also happens that Google and its sister companies sell a ... [Read More]
An in-depth look at the most influential people in. [Read More]
ABC7 News and Weather online for Southwest Florida, serving Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Desoto, Glades and Hendry counties... [Read More]
Federal prosecutors say four men who advertised heroin for sale on Facebook have been convicted of conspiracy to deal drugs in Atlanta. ... [Read More]
Even if there's no disruption at CES there's always good reasons for media agencies and their clients to meet "on nice, neutral ground," says OMD Worldwide CEO Mainardo de Nardis. This year is... [Read More]
To genuinely personalize today's customer experience, marketers and agencies need to take a step back from the oceans of data at their fingertips. They should revisit the past and reacquaint themselves with some... [Read More]
Fewer but more impactful and relevant ads per commercial break aren't going to happen overnight. But it's the beginning of a road the industry must start to travel so as not to lose... [Read More]
Marketing Land is a daily, must-read site for CMOs, digital marketing executives and advertising campaign managers. [Read More]
Advertising company MDC Partners agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle Securities and Exchange Commission allegations it misused so-called "non-GAAP" financial measures and didn't fully disclose perks provided to its former chief executive. [Read More]
Latino USA brings you stories about people who speak up, and speak out, even when the stakes are high. Designer Mondo Guerra of Project Runway fame talks to us about the moment he... [Read More]
A man who scammed small-time advertising firms and beverage distributors around the country was sentenced Wednesday to 30 months in prison in federal court in... [Read More]
Of the 398 marketing startup acquisitions in 2016 only 22% were made by the six major advertising groups, who had to fight it out with consulting companies, IT firms, and publishers. Global... [Read More]
Univision said it is working with Pedro Torres and his Curiosity Media to produce a series based on the live of Latin American musician Luis Miguel. Torres has worked closely with Miguel, a... [Read More]
The city of Nelsonville has officially started the process of advertising its "open" city manager position. [Read More]
When advertising the services of your dog grooming business, the less expensive the better. Success in advertising relies on your effort and presentation -- not how much you spend. Look for ... [Read More]
Some of the original minds behind Politico are ready to show off their take on a different kind of news site. [Read More]
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