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"They should have arrested everyone of them. They are not movie heroes they are vandals and delinquents. If idiots want to be idiots like other... [Read More]
The fight over these monuments is far from over. [Read More]
"I'm fine with that designation." [Read More]
"You can't make this shit up! We have Chump as our POTUS and these are the kinds of embarrassing things that he says. Corporate America... [Read More]
"Well, there you go. The overwhelming majority of those people in Charlotte that were inaccurately described as "white supremacists" were possibly more akin... [Read More]
" I currently make close to 6-8 thousand dollars on monthly basis with an online job. Everyone prepared to do easy computer-based work for few... [Read More]
"This was a historic first for the network." [Read More]
"I would like to 'personally' use a sledgehammer on it..." [Read More]
This isn't going away. [Read More]
Sen. Corker thinks a constituent is a George Soros plant. [Read More]
King said Bannon was "exploiting the racial issue." [Read More]
The president has been telling this story since the primaries, and it is flat-out untrue. [Read More]
"No, when the president apologizes for what he says, I'll apologize." [Read More]
Another presidential business council bites the dust. [Read More]
"Hey I respectfully cannot agree with you. You want only the RIGHT TO UNITE to be investigated? Did you know that they were crashed by... [Read More]
"What if I don't like a Diego Rivera painting in a museum. Should I spray paint it? What if my neighbor paints his split-level a... [Read More]
The event will be hosted by the Fund for American Studies in September. [Read More]
"We are glad to have been alerted to this content - and have already removed many of the bands..." [Read More]
"Fake news!" [Read More]
Nailed it. [Read More]
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