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White supremacists commit murders in pursuit of genocidal policies. Antifa throws punches. They're not the same, and media outlets should make that clear. [Read More]
While Jack Dorsey was saying Alex Jones might learn from his Twitter limitation, Jones was using Twitter to push conspiracy theories about Robert Mueller... [Read More]
After a controversial bail decision, Judge Sarah Backus' contact information was spread on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and 4chan. [Read More]
After White House revokes security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan, a Trump critic who helped initiate the Trump-Russia probe, Smith debunks a talking... [Read More]
Bossie: "It's unfortunate that Omarosa has just really committed, in my opinion, treason against the man who really created her" [Read More]
Mark Harris-endorsed guide falsely claims that sexual orientation can sometimes be changed "as a result of therapeutic interventions" [Read More]
Nope nope nope nope. [Read More]
Lahren: Modern-day feminism is less about "equal rights" and more about "man bashing and demanding free things" [Read More]
Carlson: "If we're rewarding foreign nationals who break our laws why should I have to pay my taxes?" [Read More]
Jones: It's time to act before the media carries out a "false flag" [Read More]
López: "The First Amendment is too important to manipulate it by interpreting it in a way in which it means that everyone has a right... [Read More]
After being banned by Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms and websites for violating community guidelines, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is now using Tumblr... [Read More]
Sunday news shows completely ignored it... [Read More]
Stone has since deleted the post... [Read More]
Fox News and Fox Business hosts are slamming hundreds of newspapers as "anti-Trump" and "fake news" for coordinating to publish editorials on August 16 denouncin... [Read More]
In video posted to Twitter, Jones tells parents to stop talking about him "in the memory of your children" [Read More]
Terry Turchie: "It's happening there more because their immigration situation is out of control. Again, I don't know who this person is." [Read More]
TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Sarah Jeong has become an inspiration on the left. Her example shows that despising people for their skin color is not only no barrier to career success, it helps... [Read More]
Carlson: "People who tell you otherwise are either delusional or trying to control with you fear, likely both" [Read More]
Hannity: "The one thing that Jack did give us was an opening, I have a means of communicating with him. I'll put you on hold,... [Read More]