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Last week's school shooting in Santa Fe, TX -- the 22nd this year -- reinforced that school shootings in America have become routine and, as a few... [Read More]
Under Pruitt, EPA feeds tips to right-wing outlets, gets fawning coverage... [Read More]
(Despite repeated warnings.) [Read More]
Just days after a shooting at a high school in Santa Fe, TX, NRATV released a video blaming the media and "our culture" for causing... [Read More]
"Whether the left likes it or not, I will offer my thoughts and prayers. And I do it sincerely, because I truly believe it helps." [Read More]
Fox News has almost entirely ignored a recent article published in The New York Times reporting that countries other than Russia may have offered to... [Read More]
Hewitt says universal background checks and magazine bans "wouldn't have any impact" [Read More]
Fox News is dominating the conversation about abortion on evening cable news -- and the network is doing it all wrong... [Read More]
Ingraham: "I don't think anything should be done from this investigation" [Read More]
Mitch Landrieu received the JFK Profile in Courage award for removing the monuments... [Read More]
Chuck Todd promotes Stone's book while interviewing him about the Russia investigation... [Read More]
North also suggests Parkland survivors are being controlled by shadowy forces... [Read More]
Instead of covering a mass shooting, Tucker covered diapers, robots, and whined with the NRA's Dan Bongino about being called "deplorables" [Read More]
HOWARD SAFIR: Something that I don't think anybody has mentioned and it's probably not going to be popular, but we have to look at this Common Core curriculum,... [Read More]
Hannity: "It's not a gun issue … it's always a different gun. So that's not the issue" [Read More]
They're saying one student was looking down during an interview because she was reading from a script. [Read More]
A gunman has reportedly killed at least eight students at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, TX. The shooter is reportedly in custody. Conspiracy... [Read More]
Maggie Haberman: Trump issues a "mushy edged-statement," "waits for media reaction," "then screams he was taken out of context" [Read More]
Zerlina Maxwell: "Women die. That's what's going to happen." [Read More]
Many Sinclair stations are already airing national news programming with a conservative slant, and they will be ramping up coverage of their local races. [Read More]