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In his weekly "power player of the week" segment, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace presented a glowing profile of former Breitbart writer, Ben Shapiro,... [Read More]
Frum: "You need to hear from them as Trump supporters. You don't need to put your own brand on them." [Read More]
Gingrich: "I don't think any word short of corrupt explains the gap between the way these two things have been handled" ... [Read More]
Gingrich: "This is purely and simply hysteria" ... [Read More]
Dean Young: "In this world where everybody wants to be on TV, maybe that's the reason" [Read More]
Fox host Laura Ingraham: "Is the #metoo movement becoming a spoiler for this season's Christmas parties?" [Read More]
ABC News suspended reporter and corrected report... [Read More]
Juliet Huddy: I was "concerned that I would be called a liar, and it was going to be my word against somebody who was very,... [Read More]
14 pieces are attacks on fact-checking institutions for perceived liberal bias. 17 are opinion columns that reach conservative conclusions, defend Republican politicians, or attack Democratic politicians. ... [Read More]
people he listens to and watches... [Read More]
Breitbart and Fox News seize an opportunity to dishonestly undermine the sexual assault reports against Roy Moore... [Read More]
Right-wing groups and anti-LGBTQ hate groups have been actively campaigning against SPLC's "hate group" designation... [Read More]
Ben Ferguson: "It's a bad political stunt. And it divides people" [Read More]
Moore accuser reports she has Moore's signature in her yearbook Woman who says Moore sexually assualted her has Moore's signature in her yearbook. Beverly Young Nelson... [Read More]
Beverly Young Nelson said only that she added the date and place to his signature in her yearbook... [Read More]
Mitchell: "To some people old enough to remember the McCarthy hearings, that had a certain smell about it" [Read More]
Since The New York Times published the first investigative report on October 5 about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct, at least 20 news outlets... [Read More]
Moore told an African-American rally-goer that America was "great" before the abolition of slavery because "families were united" [Read More]
Kobach is a leader of Trump's voter suppression commission and a paid Breitbart columnist... [Read More]
C-Fam has special consultative status at the UN, and its swastika fundraising meme called LGBTQ people "sexual fascists" [Read More]