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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Privilege, that's the real problem here. Nick Sandmann has too much privilege. So says the tenured Princeton professor with the cable contract. That... [Read More]
Stone: "Because of the intense censorship of my own show on Infowars, which you've talked about a lot, I appreciate the opportunity to be here" [Read More]
Dobbs: "This president has no choice but to act and act I am confident he will." [Read More]
Ingraham: "It's not fair to other people" [Read More]
Ingraham: "I don't care anymore. I really don't ... You want to throw me off TV? Throw me off TV" [Read More]
Sean Hannity: "Welcome to Hannity, we now go to the president" [Read More]
NEWT GINGRICH: I think people underestimate the degree to which we're now in a cultural civil war. People on the left say things that are... [Read More]
Hannity: "You know, and as far as the president goes, I think he'll go on indefinitely." [Read More]
Three men and one adolescent boy have been arrested for plotting a terrorist attack against Islamberg, a community in Hancock, NY, near the Catskills that was... [Read More]
Brianna Keilar to Rep. Tom Reed: The proposed bill "doesn't provide protection" and "guts DACA like 10 different ways" [Read More]
DANA PERINO (HOST): TSA workers continue feeling the pinch of this partial shutdown. Another day, and more refusing to show up to work since they aren't... [Read More]
Limbaugh: "Normalcy is what led to people improving their lives. Those were the people that got hired, those were the people that got promoted because... [Read More]
Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Pete Hegseth has received over $50,000 from seven Republican groups to headline fundraisers in recent years. Hegseth has worked at... [Read More]
As the longest government shutdown in history continues, Fox News and Fox Business are doing their part to push a proposal from President Donald Trump... [Read More]
Glaude: "Who do we allow to be innocent? The innocent child? Remember, Tamir Rice was 12, and the cops thought he was 20." [Read More]
It's not just good TV -- it's also good politics. [Read More]
Co-host Bill Hemmer: "I do believe Al Gore said that 12 years ago." [Read More]
If polls show President Donald Trump's approval rating is down but Fox & Friends doesn't report on them, do they really make an impact on... [Read More]
Lee Carter: "People who are dismissing this as something that's shortsighted absolutely aren't getting why people are rallying around her and around these policies" [Read More]
Grant Stinchfield: "I don't know why I give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so much publicity. The left insists I do it because she's pretty. She is, but... [Read More]
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