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Kilmeade: "It's hard to get re-elected when you cut spending, but you have to educate the American people what we're up against" [Read More]
Shireen Qudosi: "Ilhan Omar is a failed American experiment" [Read More]
diGenova: "It hasn't been written about," but "it is now believed by many people" [Read More]
Roger Kimball: "You are a nice color, Tucker. I think of myself as being sort of a pleasing pink" [Read More]
CNN presented the segment as a focus group-style panel on Republican women ... [Read More]
Limbaugh also lies that Saikat Chakrabarti is "using his parents' money to fund her campaign and all of these operations" ... [Read More]
Melissa Joskow / Media Matters The Bureau of Land Management has appointed William Perry Pendley, a right-wing lawyer and commentator, as its new second-in-command. On Twitter... [Read More]
Limbaugh: "As optimists, we tend to see the good before we see the bad, but when we see the bad we have to recognize it... [Read More]
Extreme anti-LGBTQ group Liberty Counsel has turned to and shaped right-wing evangelical media coverage of conversion therapy, pushing misinformation about the practic... [Read More]
Monica Crowley, President Donald Trump's pick for the top communications position at the Treasury Department, is a longtime Fox News contributor who has pilloried journalists... [Read More]
BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): So the president of the United States did a series of tweets and the speaker of the House thought it would be... [Read More]
Rachel Campos-Duffy: "The people who leave Central America, all these dysfunctional, horrible, corrupt countries, they are leaving places where there's no law and order, and... [Read More]
STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Meanwhile, did you see these images that we showed at the beginning of our program today? There was some activists who blocked... [Read More]
Eric Trump also says he loves his father's racist Twitter message... [Read More]
Aryeh Spero: "They talk about white people ... as if we're a bunch of evil people" [Read More]
Kirk: "Why is it that Asian-Americans are actually the wealthiest and highest incomes of any group in America? I mean, so that would actually go against the idea that... [Read More]
Homan: "I think the president was exactly right when he made the statement they hate this country, they hate America, and they want to fundamentally... [Read More]
Chief political commentator Boris Epshteyn: "For those who believe that the American system is not for them, … you are free to go" ... [Read More]
Limbaugh: "Nobody is a fiscal conservative anymore. All this talk about concern for the deficit and the budget has been bogus" [Read More]
SEN. MAZIE HIRONO (D-HI): I repeat now what I said then. Claims of anti-conservative bias in the tech industry are baseless. Study after study has debunked... [Read More]