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Robertson: "They are getting their instructions from the evil one" [Read More]
SEAN HANNITY (HOST): They're going to be giving away free guns every single day, check it out, it's a different gun every day. […] Up... [Read More]
Harry Houck no longer works for CNN as a law enforcement analyst, according to his recently updated LinkedIn profile. The apparent departure is good news... [Read More]
Alex Jones also called the shooting "the perfect false flag." [Read More]
Velshi: "The fact that it was a hard question is secondary to the fact that the president, on a day that he had to be... [Read More]
Far-right trolls use Discord to organize and launch harassment campaigns against their political opponents... [Read More]
CPAC organizer: "Ajit Pai, as you probably already know, saved the internet" ... [Read More]
They're attempting to divert attention from its own role in the country's culture of gun violence by attacking the "mainstream media" [Read More]
Harris Faulkner: "Is it fair to expect the Trump campaign … to go back" that far when vetting? [Read More]
ALEX JONES (HOST): So, here it is: "Infowars is two strikes away from being banned from YouTube." And then you salivate, CNN, over this with... [Read More]
The aides have to be careful, however, not to make it too obvious to the president that they are going on television in an effort... [Read More]
CNN's Nia-Malika Henderson: "It seems like [Trump] is borrowing" language from the NRA and Fox News... [Read More]
There is no evidence that arming teachers will stop school shootings. Even the NRA used to acknowledge this fact. [Read More]
While Trump was watching, they found time to hype another attempt to discredit the Mueller investigation... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's February 23 tweet about MS-13 came minutes after Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy spoke to Jessica Vaughan of the Center for... [Read More]
PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): House Republicans launching phase two of their investigation into the anti-Trump dossier. They want to know what members of the Obama administration... [Read More]
Ainsley Earhardt: "Living paycheck to paycheck, that's what our teachers are doing. This gives them an opportunity, if they feel comfortable, concealing and carrying, then... [Read More]
Loesch: "They Cersei Lannister chanted me, "shame" as I walked out" [Read More]
Survivors of the Parkland, FL, mass shooting, in which 17 people lost their lives, are speaking out and demanding action on gun violence. In response,... [Read More]