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Gingrich: "You can't have thousands and thousands and thousands of people decide to break the law and have any expectation that civilization is going to withstand it." [Read More]
TUCKER CARLSON (HOST):  The latest of a long series of the moral litmus tests delivered to us by fiat on cable news. Support this. Don't support that. Otherwise you're bad person. That's... [Read More]
Pete Holmberg: "It's terrorism and it's gotten worse the more successful Trump has gotten" [Read More]
Santorum: "If you listen to what the president said, he said, anybody that can do a body slam is my kind of guy" ... [Read More]
According to One America News Network (OANN) CEO Robert Herring, President Donald Trump will sit down for an interview with the sycophantic "news" outlet's White... [Read More]
Ingraham: "Democrats are the ones using this and stoking false fear among the Latinos to try to flip Congress. Again, no ideas, just more emotional manipulation." [Read More]
Trump tries to claim his father's praise of GOP congressman for body-slamming a reporter was just "fun," but that Eric Holder said to "kick [people]... [Read More]
NRATV's Chuck Holton: "It's undoubtedly awfully convenient that these huge caravans are forming now and are being speedily transported north just in time for the November... [Read More]
Stone is a misogynist and racist who is being investigated by Robert Mueller... [Read More]
CNN commentator who legally cannot criticize the president calls his praise for violence against a reporter "partly entertainment" [Read More]
The nightly news shows haven't aired a single substantive segment about health care policy this year... [Read More]
"He's misrepresenting the facts, arguing Republicans support people with pre-existing conditions. These are the facts." [Read More]
In June, five staffers in the newsroom of the Annapolis, MD, Capital Gazette were murdered by a man with no apparent political motive who had... [Read More]
STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Is it a good idea, Joe I'll start with you, to legalize pot nationwide here in the United States? Canada just did... [Read More]
After years of accusing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) of misrepresenting her heritage, right-wing media are digging in their heels now that she has publicly released... [Read More]
Fox Business, the only media organization that hasn't pulled out of a high-profile Saudi conference, is muddying the waters around possible Saudi involvement in a... [Read More]
Melissa Joskow / Media Matters President Donald Trump has done something truly phenomenal, according to his faithful propagandists at Fox & Friends: He's started publicly fielding... [Read More]
McInnes: It "is a handy term" [Read More]
McInnes justifies violence by Proud Boys at NYC event: "When you set up this climate of fear, you have people that are going to be... [Read More]