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In 2016, PBS NewsHour once again surpassed its nightly news competitors in climate coverage, devoted significant airtime to a range of climate-related issues, and hosted... [Read More]
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After the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) added the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) to its annual "Year in Hate and Extremism" report, CIS executive... [Read More]
De la edición del 22 de marzo de Noticiero Univisión: Edición Nocturna:... [Read More]
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) scheduled the vote on the Republican health care bill, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), on the seventh... [Read More]
a law that has yielded great gains in the economy and public health, especially for the most vulnerable... [Read More]
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In 2016, evening newscasts and Sunday shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as Fox Broadcast Co.'s Fox News Sunday, collectively decreased their total... [Read More]
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On March 21, the 1 in 3 Campaign held an event titled "Stories from the Resistance," where speakers shared their abortion stories in an effort... [Read More]
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that T... [Read More]
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Following reports of a knife and vehicle attack in London, the National Rifle Association's news show used the incident to promote "how important our gun... [Read More]
Broadcast and cable news coverage of ruinous economic policies rolled out by the White House last week was overwhelmed by the president's false accusation that... [Read More]