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MARK STRASSMAN (REPORTER): Dr. Greg Mitchell practices family medicine in West Tennessee. Two-thirds of his patients use Medicaid. STRASSMAN: You see patients from how far... [Read More]
Savage: "No more jackals brought into America with tattoos up to their eyebrows" [Read More]
1) Sean Hannity: "This was one of the most brilliant, strategic, doubt-inducing, mind-messing tweets in the history of mankind." [Fox News, Hannity, 6/22/17] 2) Fox's... [Read More]
"What was the collusion? That maybe somebody in the Trump campaign talked to somebody in Russia … Is that a crime, to say 'release it?'" [Read More]
After disbanding earlier this year, the anti-choice extremists behind Protest ABQ are back and operating under a new name -- and thanks to The Washington... [Read More]
"Alt-right"-affiliated outlets and fake news purveyors are targeting Minneapolis, MN, after the city installed a hotline for residents to report possible hate crimes, b... [Read More]
Wash. Post previously reported on former right-wing columnist William C. Bradford's "disturbing tweets" [Read More]
Once again, cable news largely failed to present diverse voices when reporting on the ongoing health care debate, missing an opportunity, yet again, to inform... [Read More]
Fox & Friends' lack of journalistic standards: A story in 3 parts... [Read More]
Tapper: "This is part and parcel of a White House trying to operate in something close to an accountability-free zone" [Read More]
Ed Henry: Why isn't Obama "weighing in in a more positive way" on the proposal? [Read More]
JILLIAN MELE: The New York Times gets a special visitor. The Daily Mail got these pictures of former FBI Director James Comey stopping by their... [Read More]
Ainsely Earhardt: "That was a smart way to make sure [Comey] stayed honest in those hearings" [Read More]
Sean Hannity: "This was one of the most brilliant, strategic, doubt-inducing, mind-messing tweets in the history of mankind" [Read More]
Kimberly Guilfoyle has been repeatedly rumored as a potential White House press secretary... [Read More]
Mollie Hemingway: "If your option is that or nothing, that's actually not the worst option that you have" [Read More]
Kat Timpf: "We should be paying for everyday health expenses out of pocket" [Read More]
Jones: "Sean Hannity talks to Trump two to three times a day" [Read More]
Sean Hannity invokes Seth Rich in discussing his "suspicions" that DNC staffers were responsible for email hack... [Read More]
Jones: "Nobody talks to the president who isn't in the White House more than Sean Hannity" [Read More]