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The Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. is refusing to provide additional information about a report saying that members of the media have been barred... [Read More]
Simon Tam of The Slants in Washington DC preparing for the final round of their trademark case: one interview call after another, checking out the Supreme Court, and going to moot court. Shot... [Read More]
Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL)'s co-founder and CEO Larry Page needs to build a close relationship with President-elect Donald Trump, at least ... [Read More]
Rule No. 1: Don't assume everyone in the media is bad. [Read More]
The New York Times revealed the findings of a sweeping, year-long internal report on Tuesday, offering a host of recommendations to make its newsroom better... [Read More]
The Trump transition team's calls for an apology from CNN correspondent Jim Acosta are being met by something else: a strong statement from CNN supporting Acosta. [Read More]
In an interview seven days before leaving office, Mr. Obama talked about the role books have played during his presidency and throughout his life. [Read More]
PresIdent-elect Donald Trump on Sunday took a swipe at NBC's news division before laying into 'Saturday Night Live,' which came back on the air this weekend after a winter break. [Read More]
The White House press corps was stunned by reports of a proposal by the Trump administration to eject reporters from their home in the West Wing. [Read More]
President Obama has announced three new national monuments honoring the nation's civil rights struggle. The sites include locations where the Emancipation Proclamation was read, communities established by recently freed slaves, the one-time headquarters... [Read More]
The company broke the news to circus employees Saturday night after shows in Orlando and Miami. [Read More]
What does the Buzzfeed leak, tell us about the media and Trump? [Read More]
The very richest of the very rich, this smattering of multi-billionaires controls more wealth than 3.6 billion people do... [Read More]
This is what happens when journalistic integrity meets show-business celebrity. [Read More]
This year's growth spurt at The Washington Post includes about 30 new jobs producing and hosting web videos. The video expansion, recently green-lit by... [Read More]
President-elect Donald Trump's calls for spending up to $1 trillion to improve America's infrastructure has been met with some skepticism. However, ... [Read More]
On CNBC's Fast Money Final Trade, Pete Najarian said that he sees a buying opportunity in Walt Disney Co (NYSE: DIS) after the recent downgrade. He ... [Read More]
C-SPAN is conducting an internal investigation after its online video coverage of Congress was interrupted by a live feed of Kremlin-backed news channel Russia Today. [Read More]
Researchers at Scripps Oceanography and the Western Australian Museum capture on video the first-ever field sighting of the newly discovered third species of seadragon. As they observed two Ruby Seadragons on video for... [Read More]
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