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The victims of fatal crashes north of Los Banos in Merced County were identified as 32-year-old Pittsburg resident Bryan Munoz and 60-year-old San Jose resident... [Read More]
McClatchy's award-winning editorial cartoonists offer their views of the news this week... [Read More]
A county-funded investigation into District Attorney Larry Morse II "sustained" allegations the veteran politician sexually harassed a married female employee. [Read More]
Merced County is full of creative, entrepreneurial and responsible businesses – some that have deep roots and a history of contribution and some that are... [Read More]
The children never had a chance. For decades, depraved Catholic priests allegedly raped and molested them in churches and rectories throughout Pennsylvania. Instead of offering... [Read More]
An elderly woman was struck by a car and suffered non-life threatening injuries while crossing a Merced street, according to police. [Read More]
An elderly woman was struck by a car Monday, Aug. 20, 2018, as she was walking across 11th Street at the intersection of R Street,... [Read More]
Knock, knock, the fund-raising season is under way. [Read More]
The Sentinel sandwich shop in San Francisco included a slap at city policies on plastic straws, napkins and free hypodermic syringes in its new menu.... [Read More]
The Sacramento Valley almond harvest is under way. Farmers use machines to shake the almonds out of the trees. [Read More]
and the quizzes that follow them... [Read More]
Most families take a more relaxed approach to screen time during the summer. But once the school year starts, homework, extracurriculars, and other activities require... [Read More]
We love it that Trump's not normal... [Read More]
The parent of Plano-based Frito-Lay said Monday it plans to acquire make-your-own soft drink brand SodaStream in a deal valued at $3.2 billion. [Read More]
Video healthcare, or "telehealth," is taking a big step toward the mainstream as pharmacy giant CVS Health rolls out internet access to its MinuteClinic treatment... [Read More]
Giffords campaigns on gun control with conor lamb... [Read More]
A Cuban journalist who says he was accused of spreading propaganda and working as a paid U.S. mercenary of the American government is being detained... [Read More]
California Influencers largely oppose the Trump Administration's recent announcement of plans to expand offshore oil drilling, saying it wouldn't be worth it even if gas... [Read More]
The Merced County Sheriff's Office confiscated and eradicated large marijuana plants, packaged marijuana, marijuana edibles a loaded AK-47 firearm and other items from a Delhi... [Read More]
The list of people running for elected office in Merced County's six cities has been finalized, and some races are more crowded than others. Merced's... [Read More]