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I would like to obtain 32 cases for a moto e4 (USA version). This is the 5 inch screen, not the 5.5. Finding this on... [Read More]
I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma two years ago, and so far my treatment has gone well, but now that the immediacy of treatment and... [Read More]
Looking to host a pub night with karaoke somewhere in the downtown Toronto area. Hope me please. I'm looking to hold a social... [Read More]
I'd like to start a Sunday afternoon streaming movie tradition to get me through this cold winter, and I'm looking for recommendations that can be... [Read More]
Hi, AskMe. As per this previous question, I'm being considered for a role at a managed service company. I had a panel interview Wednesday, which... [Read More]
I love beer. But seems I cannot drink it! My system cannot take carbonation. (irritable B.D.) I am wondering if there might be a... [Read More]
Given the following countries, is it easier for individuals to send parcels between any particular combination of them? The countries are UK, US, Australia, and... [Read More]
so I guess my robot noir might be by similar publishers? (Although I don't think it's by the same publishers: Tekno comics. Could it have... [Read More]
I want to get my friend a cross stitch for her bathroom that lets guests know you flush up for poo and down for pee.... [Read More]
I want to keep this short and sweet because there is way too much to explain but the point is hoping to solicit advice. ... [Read More]
I recently used CoveredCA, apparently the official California ACA Healthcare Exchange, to try to get insurance. I've not given my number to anyone else. I... [Read More]
Want to trace pictures from my iPad, but touchscreen moves around... I have an iPad 4 mini. I want to freeze the screen so... [Read More]
I bought a framed Escher drawing a few weeks ago at a thrift store for $5 as a decoration for my hallway. After... [Read More]
In Georgette Heyer's The Toll-Gate (1954), someone very beat-up is referred to as looking "like a strained hair in a can." I think I understand... [Read More]
individuals who are loathsome, annoying, disgusting. This excludes people who at first glance might be bad but who you end up actually rooting for, like... [Read More]
I'm applying for a job which will require my German language skills and if I get an interview it may be in German. I haven't... [Read More]
I'm a paralegal at a large law firm in Chicago. I've been with the same firm for over ten years and I would like to... [Read More]
I find myself in a long, slow (but steady) descent into drinking too much, eating too much, avoiding exercise, and being pretty depressed much of... [Read More]
Hanukkah etiquette for gentiles Is it rude for a gentile to send generic "Happy Holidays!" cards to Jews, or does it seem like a... [Read More]
Tonight I seem to have lost my iphone on a public trail within the last few hours. It rings so it's still on, but I... [Read More]