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If I've got it right, Spanish kids take on one or more surnames of each parent. Would a child then have the names of... [Read More]
Does turning the Air Conditioning off during non-business hours save money for office buildings? My office building turns the AC off overnight (10PM to... [Read More]
My elderly mother is at the end of her life, desperately frail, with multiple competing diseases and injuries. She is in absolute agony, treated inadequately.... [Read More]
My local pub does a sweet potato and spinach curry that's amazing. I'm trying to recreate it at home and I need help. I found... [Read More]
I saw a video art piece in the National Portrait Gallery in DC sometime around 2014 that I'm curious what it was. IIRC, it features... [Read More]
Suddenly facing divorce. One kid, age 14. Spouse suggests bird-nesting custody: kid stays in home, parents move in/out. Looking for experiences & sample agreements. ... [Read More]
NPR reporter Tamara Keith was at a convention in 2016 for Hillary Clinton. She was trying to read the Very Hungry Caterpillar to... [Read More]
I remember seeing a comedy parody of a commercial in the early 2000s. It seems like it could have been a In Living Color sketch.... [Read More]
My basement bathroom floor has 12" square slate tiles, and for a few in front of the shower stall, I get a disturbingly hollow sound... [Read More]
I want to build a website that displays information based on multiple layers of user input (so it needs a database). I'll have a... [Read More]
My sister and I planned to go to New Foundland, but her passport just expired. We're looking to leave around Aug 10th, and we don't... [Read More]
"The Good Place" season 2 gag reel has been released. More, from SDCC: LA Times: 'The Good Place' brings an ethics... [Read More]
Long excerpt from Stephen Greenblatt's new book: Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics It's about Richard III of Shakespeare's telling, not the "real" Richard. After all, he... [Read More]
I have really thick, heavy, coarse hair in a long bob similar to this. What can I use to get it to look a... [Read More]
The rap battle/cabinet meetings in Hamilton and even more so "The Other Side" from The Greatest Showman are songs (from musicals natch) that are negotiations.... [Read More]
I'm American and want to loan money to a European friend with a term circa 10 years. We're worried about currency issues; one of us... [Read More]
This morning I did a mud run for charity and during one of the obstacles that involved jumping into water I got water in both... [Read More]
"I think you're racist. I think I am, too." (full talk) Dr. Robin DiAngelo coined the term "white fragility" to describe "a state in which... [Read More]
Hermitcraft is a private, whitelisted, vanilla Minecraft server, supporting a number of YouTube Let's Players and streamers, which is now entering its sixth season. Founded... [Read More]
Texas has a slogan, "Six Flags over Texas", because parts of Texas have been claimed as territory by six different countries. What place would... [Read More]