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I need readable novels or popular history to help me prepare for a trip to Japan. I don't know where exactly in Japan yet.... [Read More]
I'd like to find a book to help me stop mindlessly binging on food. A couple of books that showed up when I searched on... [Read More]
Any particularly recommended day hikes near Portland, OR? Mount Hood, the Gorge, the Coast? I am going to be at a conference in Portland,... [Read More]
My two-year-old and I will be in Providence for four days next week to take care of a relative. I will also be working... [Read More]
I am currently unable to lift anything heavy, so I need to have it delivered to my home. I am also unable to drive at... [Read More]
My husband's favorite wooden cooking implement has worn down, and he said "it would impossible" to find another one. "Oh ho," I said, "clearly you... [Read More]
This was me. They replaced my transmission and I've had the car back for under a week. Today as I was parking, I suddenly lost... [Read More]
In the midst of a massively over-scheduled month from hell, my car (which I absolutely need for work/school/etc.) needs to go to the mechanic for... [Read More]
I've just moved into a new rental apartment. I'd like to put up shelves capable of holding a desktop computer, monitor, books, and myself as... [Read More]
If I send emails to potential clients that I haven't made contact with before to let them know about my services, would that violate CASL?... [Read More]
I'm contemplating whether I want to have a baby in the next three to five years. Obviously, it's a lot of work. It also seems... [Read More]
I have an unexpected opportunity to visit South Africa in late October/early November. I have work stuff for a week and then I can stay... [Read More]
How do others feel about my sister in law's behaviour? How should i deal with this? I am Chinese Australian and my husband is... [Read More]
I recently bought a new vehicle (well, new for me). I have some stickers on my old truck that I would love to transfer... [Read More]
she's five) there are some playground bullies (not the same ones each time, just different kids we run into.) They often take her bucket... [Read More]
I'd like a replacement remote for a six station orbit system. Link to a picture of the controller.Thank you for your time. [Read More]
My teen daughters looks good in, and like to wear, revealing clothing. Help me guide them and figure out my own feelings about this. ... [Read More]
I've read tons of the puppy biting questions and they are so helpful. However, we have the added twist of a 5.5 yr old super... [Read More]
My kiddo, who is almost four, was in the car with me this weekend when a local station's Jamaican music show (which is pretty genre-mixed)... [Read More]
I grabbed the wrong passport on my way out the door this morning, and no one at security noticed. I have a second valid US... [Read More]