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I'm working through Nand2Tetris (building a virtual computer from the components up) on Coursera and loving it. Instead of being textbook/lecture/quiz based, it is essentially... [Read More]
Is there a site that breaks down networking into layman terms that a semi-technically inclined person can understand? I'm in the midst of switching careers... [Read More]
I want to offer simple ways for staff and guests to share gender pronouns at events. I'd like an option that will be welcoming... [Read More]
My new hobby is memorizing recitables and I'd like help selecting poems and prose to learn. I found this AskMe, but I have some very... [Read More]
I've been pushed around a bit by someone at work who is senior to me, but not my "line manager", and I've pushed back by... [Read More]
My twenty-five year old furnace died, and its buddy air conditioner should be replaced too. Looking for general advice. Obviously, I'll be going for... [Read More]
I am having trouble deciding whether it's worth it to me to move for a new job. How do I figure out what's more important... [Read More]
I've been volunteering with a small non-profit for a couple of years. I believe in the mission and like the people but am fed... [Read More]
When I was a kid I used to read these horror anthologies (probably aimed at teenagers?) that scared the shit out of me because the... [Read More]
Is there anything like a hotel with 24hr child care, or child care services that can temporarily accommodate overnight stays? I think I need... [Read More]
I've never read Lydia Davis's short fiction. Does anyone have strong opinions about which collection to read first? [Read More]
Was looking through earlier AskMeFi questions of this situation and could only find answers from about a decade ago. Updated thoughts about female... [Read More]
it was something by one of those "traditional" classical composers.) I just can't remember precisely what it looks like... [Read More]
Urgh. Didn't think I would be asking a question about this person again, but a certain ex who I've asked about before is in terrible... [Read More]
My sole outdoor space is a tiny staircase landing outside my 2nd-floor back door, most of which is taken by my camp chair. I have... [Read More]
I've come to know a 10 month old chocolate lab that needs a home, but I'm not sure I could give her the life she... [Read More]
Hi All. I'm looking for a unique solo vacation for my 50th birthday. I'd like a vacation that involves doing something or learning something.... [Read More]
Need a birthday gift idea for a good friend I have a friend who I've known for ages. I'm totally blanking on what... [Read More]
My kids are doing Wizard of Oz costumes. My teenage son would like to be the lion/scarecrow/tin man or ? (coordinating with his sister, who... [Read More]
Though we have an MS mail server, colleagues won't/don't use it and have set up a bunch of Google shared calendars. I set up a... [Read More]