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Why would a scan of a private document containing my social security number that I emailed to my wife wind up in the photos section... [Read More]
I'm an early 30's woman, currently living/working in an extremely conservative city abroad. I must cover myself head to toe, have no access to alcohol,... [Read More]
Several dozen tradition-minded Roman Catholic theologians, priests and academics have formally accused Pope Francis of spreading heresy with his 2016 opening to divorced and... [Read More]
A Short Trip is an interactive illustration by Alexander Perrin. Use left and right arrows to move. Requires WebGL so may not work... [Read More]
I'm trying to make sense of something that happened to me a long time ago. Can anyone help me get my head around it? Content... [Read More]
I'm a US citizen, currently living in Europe but hoping to return to the US within a few years. I have money in a savings... [Read More]
Is beaming down in Star Trek a death sentence? In this Ars Technica long read, Xaq Rzetelny looks to Trek's past to suss out specifics... [Read More]
Did you know September 24th is World Cassowary Day? We all need to think more like Cassowaries Why not meet Snitty in his... [Read More]
John Robb has deep insights into the forces at work shaping the 21st Century. Here is his take on American Politics I have long appreciated... [Read More]
I have the opportunity to move to the Detroit area (from Chicago) in the coming months. What is living in Detroit like in 2017? ... [Read More]
I didn't know that hot water tanks should be replaced every decade or so, and one day I woke up to find my 12 year... [Read More]
Tangs for the Memories... [Read More]
Recommend me books/articles where women are on the only or few of them in a hobby/career/sport. No preference on careers/hobbies other than it should... [Read More]
Based on a wonderful drink I had on vacation in Indianapolis, I've decided to take up infusing vodka with various flavors as a hobby. ... [Read More]
I found a brief news article from 1935 stating that none of the Radcliffe College Class of 1935 had worn makeup at their graduation. The... [Read More]
Hi all, I'm having a surgery to remove stage 4 endometriosis in 1.5 weeks and the amount of anxiety I feel is so overpowering. How... [Read More]
Well, it happened again. When Lillian Ross died earlier this week, the New York Times ran an obituary written by someone who was also dead.... [Read More]
British PM Theresa May has finally made her big speech on Brexit... to little acclaim. Best coverage, as it often is, comes from Marina Hyde.... [Read More]
Where does the phrase "Cover/dip me in chocolate/honey and throw me to the lesbians/bears/other demographic" originate from, as seen on e.g. bumper stickers. Internet "opinion",... [Read More]
It's hot. There's a squirrel that likes to sleep next to our window AC. We're going out of town. Squirrel experts of MeFi, what are... [Read More]
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