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What is the relationship between various artificial sweeteners and weight gain / loss? I have been trying to figure out what the research actually... [Read More]
I'm looking to buy genuine alligator or lizard heels for women online from a website that will let me return the shoes if needed -... [Read More]
given time, the large cat can pull the drawers out and bother her. It's also a really bulky piece of furniture to keep around solely... [Read More]
With the current sales (Amazon, Best Buy, and others in the U.S.), what's the best printer for the money? I'm looking for two mid-level home... [Read More]
In the next few months we may be moving to the St. Louis area and buying a house. Neither of us has lived there for... [Read More]
What perfume might I have (incorrectly) noted down as "Real Valley by Chanel"? Months ago, my SO checked the price of a perfume she... [Read More]
I have some invisible disabilities that have made finding and keeping a job difficult. Are there career counselors who work with PWDs to help them... [Read More]
What are you favorite stories about involved dads to younger children? Single dads, stay-at-home dads, or just fathers who were equally involved with their partners... [Read More]
I'm having a piece of jewelry custom made for the first time, and the combination of my inexperience and the possible hefty price tag involved... [Read More]
I've discovered there's a particular type of story I'm drawn to and would like to find more books like this, but it's quite specific. ... [Read More]
When I lived in the U.S. I always had photos of my original prescription slips available when I travelled out of the country in case... [Read More]
Hello, I am very much steeped in our (Mefi, coastal, blue-state...) world and its open attitudes toward therapy, meditation, self-development, etc. I am interested in... [Read More]
A bully who lives in my elderly mom's senior apartment building is taking credit for evicting another woman from the building. My mom is frightened... [Read More]
There seems to be a bug that is causing Cortana/Start Menu to endlessly loop through all the apps, files, etc. If I click the... [Read More]
I'm a bit lost and struggling to find part time or temporary work, and I really need to find it ASAP. I feel a... [Read More]
I have so. many. garlic scapes. We have made pestos and pistous and purées, we are using diced ones instead of minced garlic in every... [Read More]
What is the best way for a 30 year-old person making $22,000/year and living paycheck-to-paycheck in the US to save even a small amount for... [Read More]
Instagram to RSS. Are there any reliable options? Yes, I'm willing to pay. I really don't like Instagram as an app (I find that... [Read More]
Last week, I started attending AA meetings. Next week, I start seeing a counselor. About two months ago, I started dating a woman (I'm a... [Read More]
I brought pretty bleached-out jeans as my only pants on a camping trip even though I am also starting my period. After an evening of... [Read More]