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Getting bitten by some unknown pest which I haven't been able to locate or identify. Does anyone have any recommendations for exterminators or pest... [Read More]
I decided to try a new recipe for almond Florentine cookies because I needed them to be gluten free. But -they won't bake! They're staying... [Read More]
the stuff you have emergency savings for) so my savings keeps getting nearly demolished and I st... [Read More]
My daughter will be travelling abroad and might be able to stay with family for a few days. I'd love for her to be hosted... [Read More]
I'm in a sex quandary and need your help. I (a woman) am seeing a lovely older man whose erections can be a little erratic.... [Read More]
I am a newly minted medical marijuana patient and want a gut check - am I taking too much? I was prescribed medical marijuana... [Read More]
I'm taking my mom, who is Italian-Canadian and in her sixties, to Italy for 9 days as a birthday present. She has never been to... [Read More]
We recently moved into a home in Texas with a 14 year old HVAC system that consists of two heat pumps and two air handlers.... [Read More]
If you came out as any flavor of LGBTQ while you were living with your parents, and they went or were sent to PFLAG for... [Read More]
Our daughter attends a small family (in-home) daycare here on the SF Bay peninsula, and we'd like to give the owner and her (one) staff... [Read More]
I have some dutch-process cocoa powder. I want to mix it with various food (e.g. peanut butter) and eat it without cooking/baking it. Is this... [Read More]
I was going to cook salmon for dinner today, so this morning I took a frozen salmon fillet from the freezer, cut open the packaging... [Read More]
Bookriot has an annual "Read Harder" challenge, suggesting 24 categories of books to read. I need good recommendations for 18 of them. I had... [Read More]
Help me, photographers! My excellent nephew is a very academically gifted kid who hates school and most organized activities...except photography. I want to give him... [Read More]
I am a clotheshorse. I have accepted this about myself. However, I am also in a position to be able to afford clothes that, through... [Read More]
What fun thing can we do for $900 - $1400 in the coming year? My husband and I have received the generous offer of... [Read More]
Mr. Millipede and I toured two pediatric offices for the twins we are expecting in early 2019. Please help us choose between them. Very... [Read More]
I'm looking for some non-fiction books for my twelve year old. I'm not sure what his reading level is, since he maxed out the... [Read More]
How am I able to find an apartment to rent without a job or rental history and from across the country? I'm planning to... [Read More]
Please help me come up with a name for my blog focusing on data and data analysis particularly on urban and transportation issues. Example... [Read More]