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I opened up my sleeping laptop (old, old 2012 Air) to some notification about setting up dual identification for my iCloud storage. I do... [Read More]
For primarily lack-of-space reasons, need a solution that is of the sleeper sofa ilk but will be far and away used as a bed more... [Read More]
I hear "Have a good rest of the day" (/week/weekend) all the time now and it makes me nuts. "Enjoy the rest of your day"... [Read More]
This was me, and after swearing I'd never do this again, here I am almost 10 years later trying to take a cat from Egypt... [Read More]
When my dad dies, he leaves behind a sibling he did not know for decades even existed, one who appeared and then has ghosted him... [Read More]
should I email the company that sent me an offer letter last june? last june i received an offer letter for a remote position... [Read More]
My lab is having problems with favouritism: excessive amounts of supervisor time are being spent on one person, a non-researcher, in my opinion at the... [Read More]
Never Gonna Give You Up but all the notes are C [SLYT] is exactly as described and weirdly compelling. [Read More]
Why 2017 was a great year for the hunt for extraterrestrials, even if none were actually found... [Read More]
Is there a way to view stickies-style comments (not notes) on the presenter display in Keynote? I had been using iWork 09, but newer... [Read More]
New phone, new system. I'm searching for the mp3 files for the facebook messenger notifications because I would like to use those for other... [Read More]
I'm essentially looking for the Moth Radio Hour in Japanese for someone re-learning the language. My wife's parents are first generation immigrants to the... [Read More]
I'd like to pull all the text messages I have off an iPhone 5c and save them to a PC, so that the phone has... [Read More]
I was delightfullly gifted an apple green KitchenAid stand mixer over the holidays, which I have long coveted. But now that the glorious object is... [Read More]
Have you heard of a language-capture software in beta that captures speech from recorded video/audio and works backwards to allow for text-based editing--recently described on... [Read More]
I haven't been happy with my life for the past few years and have struggled with mental illness before. Recently things have started to worsen... [Read More]
what are some good games for kids that can be played in a car ride? (Not necessarily a long car ride) Bonus for educational games.... [Read More]
I need help from all you experienced knitters and felters. I am making a pair of felted slipper clogs and I just dumped a full... [Read More]
Boston area tenant. Signed lease back in August of 2016 saying I had to give 90 days notice to move out WHEN AND IF... [Read More]
A dear friend is having some difficulty with her 6-year-old daughter, who is very reluctant to do anything that has to do with reading. She... [Read More]