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After coming back from staying a couple weeks with a friend (who also has dogs), our pup Otis has rough skin on the tips of... [Read More]
I have never considered medical marijuana as an option for me until several podcasts I listen to mentioned use of marijuana oil. I don't know... [Read More]
We recently adopted this little lady, a retired show dog. She's nine years old and needs to have a veterinarian. I'm conflicted about whether we... [Read More]
I'm visiting Seattle and Vancouver Island in early August. Where should I go and how should I get there? My mother and I are... [Read More]
How much can someone expect to pay for ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) ? I'm especially interested in learning how much did you or someone you know... [Read More]
2nd time in a few months I've been narced and had my acct deleted. this time they're demanding proof (last time i got away... [Read More]
Jackson Galaxy, of Animal Planet fame, Launched Cat Pawsitive to increase the adoptability of cats in their shelters. Now shelters are using... [Read More]
Intense Gravity of Super-Earths Could Trap Aliens on Their Home Planet... [Read More]
The cleanup of Hanford continues, and continues to be controversial. It's a good time to remember Harold McCluskey, perhaps. "In seconds, McCluskey... [Read More]
Recommendations for a student moving to Philadelphia? Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my question! I'm about to begin a full-time, online master's and... [Read More]
I may be searching badly. I just found about twenty copies hidden under her duvet, so things are getting desperate! [Read More]
Pretty basic really... I can't see 3D pictures or movies. Will I be able to experience virtual reality now that it's becoming a... [Read More]
I'm looking for a nice venue to host an overnight birthday party this weekend for about 40 people. There are no Airbnb's left that will... [Read More]
The 1980s--"precisely the nadir of bartending in the twentieth century". Brought to you by Peachtree Schnapps, "the liquor industry's equivalent of Michael Jackson's Thriller," and... [Read More]
The Crazy Rich Asians movie trailer has dropped, and it's glorious. Crazy Rich Asians is a 2013 novel by Kevin Kwan that follows Rachel Chu,... [Read More]
Chef Sean Sherman on creating an indigenous kitchen in the modern world., committed to revitalizing Native American Cuisine and in the process we... [Read More]
How can I make this vegan lentil chili better? As a trial run for an upcoming dinner, I tested out that vegan lentil chili.... [Read More]
How to get more working-class candidates like Kerri Harris to run for office (The New Republic). One out of every five Americans has taken part... [Read More]
61-year-old Theresa "Red" Terry has been camped in a tree for more than three weeks. [WP]. She is protesting of the clearing of trees on... [Read More]
I need to replace a failed Sony VGP-BPS26 battery, rated at 10.8 volts. All the replacements I can find online are rated at 11.1 volts.... [Read More]
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