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Portraying some students' view of Student Government as nothing more than "an event-planning service," is, at the least, grossly over exaggerated and not warranted with... [Read More]
"I am deeply concerned by the way in which Student Government, an organization which, to its core, exists to advocate for and represent the undergraduate... [Read More]
In the mood for sex, drama and humor? The University of Miami's Jerry Herman Ring Theatre is putting all of that into one 90-minute package,... [Read More]
I feel an enduring melancholy watching my friends be played, manipulated, taken advantage of and ghosted because it is the way we "date" these days. [Read More]
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Pi Kappa Phi violated UM regulations by hosting a Greek life event during the recent SportsFest... [Read More]
There has never been a female president or two presidents—now, as of spring 2018, Hillel has both. [Read More]
"In my opinion, I don't think there's a more pinnacle guy in Miami to take a weather-casting class from than Bryan Norcross" [Read More]
"Any organization who was found responsible for violating regulations will be held responsible," said Steven Priepke, senior associate dean of students and the founding father... [Read More]
The 2019 Student Government executive tickets explain their plans to improve the student experience. [Read More]
UM has a tremendous amount of black history and honestly, we should be ashamed we don't know more. [Read More]
"Fashion week?" I thought, "Easy stuff. Show up, look good, watch models strut up and down a runway. How hard can it be?" [Read More]
Staples' "Smile, You're on Camera" tour stopped in Fort Lauderdale this past Valentine's Day at Revolution Live, and it was one hell of a time. [Read More]
From the moment I stepped out of my Uber, which I fell asleep in, I knew that this would be an experience unlike any other. [Read More]
I realized that there was a trend when I asked students what they thought of the album. Many said they liked it because it made... [Read More]
"I've talked about setting the tone for the season, and I don't think you can draw it up any better than that," DiMare said. [Read More]
"I'm sure when I'm retired and sitting on the beach somewhere, I'll think about this as the greatest win, but these wins can be canceled... [Read More]
Highly touted high school prospect Alex Toral struggled mightily during his freshman season for the Hurricanes. However, his sophomore campaign has been a different story.... [Read More]
"This event really increased my knowledge and appreciation of cultural traditions that I wasn't aware of." [Read More]
Putting in that extra effort for someone you really care about goes a long way– especially when it comes to long-distance relationships. [Read More]
"Personally, I was surprised to hear the bipartisan undertones of the president's remarks," said, Kinnon McGrath, president of the UM College Democrats. [Read More]