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The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit is declining to rehear a case decided by a three-judge panel of the court that ruled... [Read More]
Following the defeat of a citizen task force's proposal for a police oversight commision at a City Council meeting on Oct. 1, legal questions remain... [Read More]
The seats of Regents Andrew Richner (R) and Andrea Newman (R) on the University of Michigan Board of Regents are up for reelection this November.... [Read More]
Oct. 11 was National Coming Out Day, but it was also the 5-year anniversary of Brittney Williams's mother's death. As a speaker for Out in... [Read More]
Over the last couple of years, many standardized tests have moved over to a digital formatting system. Now, the last of the graduate school admissions... [Read More]
As Election Day approaches in Ann Arbor, development of the Library Lot on Fifth Avenue across from the Ann Arbor District Library remains up for... [Read More]
After Michigan's voter registration deadline passed on Tuesday, campus voting initiatives at the University of Michigan, such as the Big Ten Voting Challenge and Buses... [Read More]
Week after week, when the Wolverines have been asked about the offensive line, they unanimously spoke of improvements. Saturday, those improvements were proven. [Read More]
This Sunday, you can catch Kim Petras as she opens for Troye Sivan at the Fox Theater. [Read More]
Michigan took control of its game against Wisconsin in the second half, running to a big victory. [Read More]
We got to sit down with Diet Cig and talk to them about their music, creating safe spaces and DIY. [Read More]
The Montreal-based, 20-something songwriter confessed that she hardly picked up her guitar during her years at university but, after a breakup in the year following... [Read More]
The sometimes contentious relationship between free speech and academic equity... [Read More]
Last week, after I shared my column about accepting my fat, curvy body on Facebook, I was flooded with support and recognition from my friends, family,... [Read More]
Quoting Martin Luther King Jr., former President Barack Obama often stated, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." Contrary... [Read More]
In the vein of its head coach, the Michigan football program is usually tight-lipped around the media. That is except for Michael Zordich, who has... [Read More]
Six minutes into the No. 4 Michigan hockey team's exhibition match against Waterloo, Nick Pastujov found daylight. [Read More]
The water filter in the Chemistry Building was still broken today, leaving its attached drinking fountain completely unusable. I think to myself, "For a city... [Read More]
The fraternity is an institution almost as long-standing as American universities themselves. The very first can be traced back to 1776 when the Phi Beta... [Read More]
Amid all the news that dominated the media last week, Amazon also made the headlines. After months of pressure, it raised the minimum wage of... [Read More]
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