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Loading... announced the winners of its HQ2 sweepstakes. In case you missed it, the winners are... wait for it... New York and suburban Washington. What... [Read More]
A new website hosted by the University of Michigan brings together research from across the country on firearm safety among children. The site is the... [Read More]
As wildfires across California have continued to cause massive damage this week, some Michigan residents have gone to California with organizations like... [Read More]
Today, there's no federal or state restriction on the level of PFAS contamination considered a public health threat. What there is, is an advisory. We... [Read More]
The work of fixing Flint's broken water system goes on, but the state panel created in the wake of the water crisis met for likely... [Read More]
People from Michigan and a dozen other states are returning home Friday after traveling hundreds of miles to protest the Tornillo detention center in Texas... [Read More]
Plenty of pundits have raged about the soaring salaries of college coaches, and rightly so. Over the past three decades, the average football coach's... [Read More]
I apologize to all of you who now have "It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year" stuck in your head. It is, of course, inevitable... [Read More]
Being a freshman in college is exciting: meeting new people, learning new things, and figuring out who you are. But these big changes can also... [Read More]
The Board of Trustees of Muskegon Community College voted unanimously on Wednesday to continue its tradition of an invocation at graduation, but just to... [Read More]
Today, Detroit lost its bid to land Amazon's coveted HQ2 earlier this year, but the city and surrounding region may have learned some important lessons... [Read More]
The U.S. Senate passed a bill that will maintain the way ballast water discharges are regulated under the Clean Water Act. Ballast water released by... [Read More]
Our new series " Mornings In Michigan ," is capturing the sounds of Michiganders' morning rituals across the state. For many Michigan hunters (there were... [Read More]
The state of Michigan has implemented an immediate ban on baiting and feeding of deer in 16 counties, called the CWD Management Zone, to try... [Read More]
Kalamazoo Public Schools wants every student to see someone who looks like them in a book. That's why it's adding books to school classrooms to... [Read More]
A scientist at the state Department of Environmental Quality says he felt like he was "at the edge of the abyss" when he first realized... [Read More]
Today on Stateside , the Michigan Legislature's newly-elected House Speaker discusses what issues he wants to prioritize when he steps into the position... [Read More]
A federal jury Tuesday found a Canadian man guilty of stabbing an airport police officer in Flint, Michigan last year. Prosecutors say he was on... [Read More]
Former Canadian Football League player and Detroit native Wendell Brown will be released from Chinese jail next fall. Brown was coaching American football... [Read More]
Today on Stateside , how the Affordable Care Act has impacted public health in Michigan in the five years since it was enacted. Plus, a... [Read More]