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Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 06:06 PM
Even as the Kremlin denies any official link to them, sources say that scores of Russian mercenaries wounded in U.S. strikes in Syria are being... [Read More]
In classified cable to envoys in 15 key countries, Foreign Ministry reportedly stresses Israel would respond to such a situation in 'strongest possible terms'... [Read More]
with no mission... [Read More]
An three-month probe led to the resignation of director Laura Raicovich and the firing of deputy director David Strauss. [Read More]
Dear Editor,... [Read More]
The US has played an "instrumental" role in giving rise to terrorism across the Middle East, says Iran's UN mission. [Read More]
The United States has urged Russia to use its leverage over Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to end the nearly seven-year conflict. [Read More]
The Israeli prime minister has rejected calls to step down after police recommended his indictment over alleged corruption. [Read More]
A new US economic aid boost to Jordan is aimed at assisting Israel, says an international human rights lawyer. [Read More]
The UN's aid convoy enters eastern Eatstern Ghouta for the first time this year. [Read More]
Syrian air defenses repel Israeli reconnaissance planes over the southwestern Quneitra province, forcing them to exit the Syrian airspace. [Read More]
Police detains several suspects. Palestinians claim that the man, who was alone, was attacked, while the Jews say he attacked them and hit his head... [Read More]
The judge not only rejected the state's position but also suggested that other segregated frameworks are discriminatory... [Read More]
Milo the koala lived until the age of 14, longer than is usual for koalas in the wild. In his prime, he weighed 14 kilograms... [Read More]
In 'Romance and Reason,' 24 Islamic pieces join those from other leading institutions to highlight the intellectual cooperation between Muslims and Greeks... [Read More]
Syria on Wednesday repelled Israeli surveillance planes that breached its southern border, state media reported, days after an Israeli fighter jet was downed during raids... [Read More]
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to carry on Wednesday after police recommended indicting him on corruption charges, angrily dismissing the allegations and the critics... [Read More]
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson came to Jordan on Wednesday with the promise of a fattened aid package, engaging in a gilt-edged charm offensive designed... [Read More]
by Dina Heisler and Susan Nobel   PEOPLE around the world and across time crave similar things. They want the chance to raise their families within... [Read More]
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