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Faith runs deep in Barron County. The story of Jayme Closs's abduction and escape is one of hope and courage, but it is also a... [Read More]
At St. Peter Catholic Church in Cameron, Wisconsin, a prayer and gratitude service was held to celebrate the safe return of Jayme Closs... [Read More]
A Wisconsin community shares a message of gratitude now that Jayme Closs has been found. [Read More]
Jayme Closs grew up going to St. Peter Catholic Church and Sunday, it hosted a prayer service for the community to praise and express gratitude... [Read More]
Embarrassment sets in. An apology seems called for. From the moment Jayme Closs was taken after the murder of her parents on Oct. 15, 2018,... [Read More]
Jake Patterson's alleged violent acts leave family, friends with questions. [Read More]
Jayme Closs' return has given new hope to many families still looking for loved ones who have gone missing. [Read More]
The service will take place Sunday, Jan. 20 at 6:30 p.m. [Read More]
Few details of what happened in Jake Patterson's cabin have been released. They might be shielded to protect Jayme Closs. [Read More]
From time to time, FOX 9's General Manager Sheila Oliver offers her view on the news making waves in our viewing area. [Read More]
Wary of increased privatization. [Read More]
The story of Jayme Closs is giving hope to other families with missing children in Wisconsin. Sara Bushland was last seen getting off her school... [Read More]
The day of Jayme Closs' daring escape, her suspected kidnapper appeared to be making other plans. [Read More]
Passing cars and semis honked their horns and others stopped to take pictures as a crew tore down a Jayme Closs missing person billboard along... [Read More]
Jasmine Block, who like Jayme seized an opportunity to run when her captors left her alone, said she'd eventually like to speak with Jayme so they... [Read More]
Jake Patterson, the man who kidnapped 13 year old Jayme Closs, applied for a job in Superior the day Jayme was rescued. Saratoga Liquor Company received... [Read More]
Jayme Closs's miraculous story is inspiring a lot of people to give…but some are taking advantage of that generosity. [Read More]
It felt like the whole world was searching for Jayme Closs for the 88 days she was missing. Now that the 13-year-old is back home... [Read More]
Attorneys for a man accused of kidnapping Jayme Closs and killing her parents are acknowledging his confession could present a problem in his defense. A... [Read More]
Block shares a message with Jayme Closs, another teen who has escaped a kidnapping. [Read More]
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