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Facebook has once again blocked a piece of critical journalism— a short documentary video depicting the brutal legacy of Christopher Columbus... [Read More]
Ecuador has partially restored internet access for Julian Assange after UN officials met with Ecuador's president, Lenin Moreno. [Read More]
Trump complained that the Saudis have been deemed "guilty until proven innocent" just like Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. [Read More]
Lara Alqasem has been turned into a pawn in the struggle between Jewish liberals and ultra-nationalists in Israel and the US. [Read More]
Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that his country is considering transferring its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. [Read More]
Jamal Khashoggi's vision was an "Arab uprising" led by Saudi Arabia. In his Arabic writings, he backed MBS's destructive policies. [Read More]
The United States either bows its head in shame for celebrating Columbus Day and what is means to Native Americans, or glorifies what he represents. [Read More]
30 years after the Iran-Iraq War, Iran's "military parades" are attacked, but the world still doesn't comprehend what the West is attacking... [Read More]
At least 49 people were killed or injured Saturday when two Saudi Coalition airstrikes targeted buses carrying civilians in Hodeida, Yemen. [Read More]
Jair Bolsonaro is different from Trump in that – instead of planning to build a wall or enact an immigration ban – Bolsonaro believes in... [Read More]
Denounced by UN on humanitarian grounds, US sanctions on Iran amount to 'psychological and economic warfare,' Rouhani says. [Read More]
The response of the Trump administration and many U.S. politicians to Khashoggi's disappearance is largely being guided by the military-industrial complex -- in this case... [Read More]
Iran set out a desired foreign policy shift in the face of intensifying hostility bythe US under the Trump Administration. [Read More]
Trump is trying to compensate for the decline in US power by adopting more bellicose and rhetoric for others to comply with American demands. [Read More]
Donald Trump vowed "severe punishment" on Saudi Arabia if it turns out that Jamal Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi consulate in Turkey. [Read More]
Saudi Arabia destroyed the al-Dreihimi General Hospital in its second major military campaign against cities in Yemen's Hodeida. [Read More]
Facebook announced it was removing over 800 pages from its platform, accusing many independent media pages of inauthentic behavior. [Read More]
The Yemeni army has changed its tactics from hit-and-run attacks to a strategy in which they seize control of military sites inside Saudi Arabia. [Read More]
Brazils's Bolsonaro has vowed to sever diplomatic relations with Venezuelaand back sanctions while establishing closer ties with Israel. [Read More]
Gareth Porter dissects the New York Times Shane & Mazzetti's case that Russia threatened to tip the 2016 election through social media. [Read More]