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The FCC is preparing to vote this week to roll back "net neutrality" regulations adopted in 2015. [Read More]
Politifact delivered a "pants on fire" slam to Fox News on Friday because one of its commentators asserted that the Federal Bureau of Investigation "has... [Read More]
On Wednesday, the Republican controlled house voted to further federalize gun laws in this country. [Read More]
On Monday, WTO officials will gather in Buenos Aires for their 11th ministerial conference. [Read More]
The skyrocketing price of Bitcoin has dominated the financial news for the past few weeks, and the usual suspects are queuing up to offer predictions... [Read More]
Here are the portraits of famous figures from the Civil War:... [Read More]
So far, the federal investigation into Russian collusion during the 2016 election has been a farce. Lawless and corrupt federal prosecutors—and their pet police agency,... [Read More]
Before the US Constitution of 1787 was ratified, its proponents have claimed a centralized and powerful American state was necessary for the purposes of military defense. [Read More]
and not the highly destructive nature of conventional wars... [Read More]
It is interesting to note that Marx, in his analysis of the capitalist economic system, basically concentrates on the study of the imbalances and maladjustments... [Read More]
To many people, the slumlord — alias ghetto landlord and rent gouger — is proof that man can, while still alive, attain a satanic image. [Read More]
Anyone who claims there's too much democracy in the United States needs to keep in mind that American law and policy is ultimately decided by... [Read More]
In this episode, Chris Calton talks about the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which only compounded the growing tensions over the slavery question. Following the act, Kansas settlers... [Read More]
Bloomberg today notes that the Mises Institute isn't a big fan of Marvin Goodfriend's war on cash:... [Read More]
The GOP-controlled House of Representatives is set to further federalize gun laws and gun regulations. They're doing it, though, under the guise of what sounds like a... [Read More]
When reading about the curious case of Garrison Kiellor, the public radio icon fired for what he considers an innocent misunderstanding—or was it payback for... [Read More]
Allen Mendenhall, Associate Dean at Thomas Goode Jones School of Law and Executive Director of the Blackstone & Burke Center for Law & Liberty, introduces... [Read More]
President Trump has lambasted the NFL more than 20 times for players' "Total Disrespect of Our Great Country." Ratings are down for NFL games and... [Read More]
In the wake of the Supreme Court's Kelo decision on eminent domain, many pro-centralization libertarians complained that the Supreme Court should have outlawed state and local government... [Read More]
As we've noted at many times, the amount of land owned by the federal government in Western states is enormous. Today, the feds control 640... [Read More]
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