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Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 03:30 PM
The Atlantic magazine shouts the headline. [Read More]
In Hans Hermann Hoppe's original and controversial essay "The Case For Free Trade and Restricted Immigration," he outlined a defense of state action for the... [Read More]
Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard told reporters "Quebec has been attacked. And Quebec will resist. And Quebec will unite. . . ." [Read More]
One of the most accusatory and negative words currently in use in various politically "progressive" circles is that of "Neo-Liberalism." To be called a "Neo-Liberal"... [Read More]
The biggest winner of the Trump presidency is also the most surprising: Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen. [Read More]
In spite of declining drug usage, the Reagan Administration placed renewed interest in the War on Drugs. [Read More]
Editor's Note: Murray Rothbard's new masterwork, The Progressive Era, is now available for purchase. [Read More]
The Indian tribesman's claim to his ancient stomping grounds can't be reduced to a title search at the deeds office. That's the stuff of the... [Read More]
Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 20, no. [Read More]
President Donald Trump proposed last month a tax plan that would lower the top individual tax rate to 35% from 39.6%. It would also lower the... [Read More]
Apple held its 10th anniversary iPhone press event on 9/12. As expected, the tech giant released new iterations of their decade-old smartphone as well as... [Read More]
Many people in Catalonia wish to secede from Spain and form their own country, but the Spanish government has used force to block them from... [Read More]
A classic argument for central bank controlled fiat money goes like this: a commodity such as gold is very costly to produce. [Read More]
One of Ayn Rand's most notorious claims is that Europeans and their descendants were justified in driving Indian tribes off their lands because aboriginal Americans "did not... [Read More]
When Hurricane Maria knocked out power in Puerto Rico, residents there realized they were going to need physical cash — and a lot of it. ... [Read More]
Are supporters of the minimum wage law criminals? Possibly, but not necessarily. ... [Read More]
The University of Chicago's Richard Thaler has been awarded this year's Nobel Prize in economics. [Read More]
[Excerpt from the opening speech given at the Mises Institute's 35th Anniversary gala in New York City, October 6, 2017.]Thank you Asheton. Thank you all... [Read More]
Questions of economic development have long been long held a prominent position in economics. How did the most advanced economies get to where they are?... [Read More]
When gun-control advocates make international comparisons on homicide rates, they generally employ an assumption that places with more stringent gun control laws have lower homicide... [Read More]