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Sanborn Field will be celebrating its 130th anniversary by hosting several speakers and tours of the facility on Tuesday.The field was first established in 1888... [Read More]
After learning he had only three months to live, Wisconsin-native Kelly Phillips took a leap of faith into the Mississippi River, literally. [Read More]
Emergency crews were called to the Mississippi River where a boat exploded in front of Grafton businesses. The boat exploded less than 100 feet from... [Read More]
A kayak bass fishing tournament kicks off a two-day event in La Crosse County for the first time. The catch and release fishing tournament started... [Read More]
U.S. Senator Ron Johnson talked about the Trump administration's tariff trade war in the coulee region Friday. While at the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife... [Read More]
Iowa and Illinois teams play tug of war across the Mississippi River. [Read More]
Celebrate the holidays by rolling on the river with American Cruise Lines. Eight-day Spirit of the Season cruises will travel the Mississippi in December, visiting... [Read More]
Heralded as what will be "the most powerful ship-assist tug on the Mississippi River," Bisso Towboat Co. is building what it considers the latest step... [Read More]
Inaccurate data from electronic equipment that transmits Mississippi River stages by telephone from the Cape Girardeau river gauge has prompted the national Weather Service to... [Read More]
Expect lane closures tonight on the Luling Bridge as workers install pavement markers. The $400,000 project comes after receive concrete work on the Hale... [Read More]
In Brownfield, Birdsong Peanuts has been making a positive financial impact since the late 1990s. Michael Franke, the general manager, said the peanut shelling facility... [Read More]
Wabasha County authorities are investigating. [Read More]
So there is a move afoot for the Army Corps of Engineers to take out locks and dams along the Mississippi in the Metro area... [Read More]
The floodwaters of the Mississippi River penetrated a Union Electric switching station south of Cape Girardeau yesterday morning, causing a two-hour power outage that affected... [Read More]
State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton), a longtime advocate for investing in the levee system in the Metro East, expressed disappointment in the governor's veto of... [Read More]
There's plot of land along the Mississippi River south of Muscatine that is home to a variety of special ecosystems...including plants and animals, like turtles... [Read More]
Work continues on the new I-74 bridge, Wednesday, July 18, 2018, on the Bettendorf side and in the Mississippi River. [Read More]
A human leg was found by a resident on the Mississippi River in West Newton on July 14, according to a news release from the... [Read More]
Big River Crossing, the nation's longest pedestrian-bike bridge across the Mississippi River, says there has been an increase in victor traffic. [Read More]
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