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Last school year, 247 teachers resigned from St. Louis Public Schools, down from 334 the year before. [Read More]
I recall shooting my first deer, a large doe, even though it was decades ago. I know I can't recall specifics about every one since,... [Read More]
The Iraqi military and Kurdish fighters, two groups who fought ISIS together for years, are now fighting each other in Northern Iraq. CNN's Ben Wedeman... [Read More]
In many ways, the cottage living room is an extension of the bedroom — you want it to feel cozy. Comfort is the biggest priority... [Read More]
Greek organizations reveal their pomped house decorations and perform themed skits on Friday in Greek Town in Columbia. Many families, students and alumni have made... [Read More]
The Bates County Mizzou Club handed out popcorn and corsages Friday at Traditions Plaza. The club gathered in honor of MU's Homecoming tradition. This is... [Read More]
City officials in Savannah are searching for a method of raising essential revenues they believe can underwrite public services, with a nod toward a use... [Read More]
Northwest Missouri State University unveiled a 3,000 square foot addition to newly named Michael L. Faust Center for Alumni and Friends just in time to... [Read More]
Who could use a free brand new ATV? How about $1,500 to spend however you wish? [Read More]
The Lions Club 8th Annual Rural Heritage Day is returning to Ste. Genevieve later this month and organizers are still open for craftsmen and vendors... [Read More]
Ward, 20, is remembered by his friends and family for his big smile and warm spirit. [Read More]
TODAY: This morning, mostly cloudy conditions will hold on, with the potential for a few light showers. Most areas will remain dry. We'll have... [Read More]
With October being Cyber Security Awareness Month, the Park Hills-Leadington Chamber of Commerce's Tuesday investor meeting including a presentation from Theresa Frommel from the Missouri... [Read More]
During the Bonne Terre City Council meeting this week, Patricia Murphy, owner of The Feminine Touch, in Bonne Terre, addressed the city council about a... [Read More]
The West County Board of Education met for its monthly meeting Thursday evening to recognize students and hear district reports. [Read More]
The Missouri Department of Conservation is continuing the annual winter trout program, stocking rainbow trout in Farmington's Giessing Lake along with Perryville's Legion Lake and... [Read More]
Dogs at the Farmington, Park Hills and Fredericktown pounds are seeking their owners or new homes where they can be loved and cared for. [Read More]
** For limits, methods and hours pick up a copy of The Wildlife Code or find it online at:... [Read More]
President Trump says many things that are wildly exaggerated or flat-out false, but he told one of his biggest whoppers at a recent White House... [Read More]
OK then, #MeToo. [Read More]