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President Donald Trump wants $18 billion to build more than 700 miles of a wall along our southwest border. The new wall would expand the... [Read More]
If they ever created a "Thelma and Louise" award for most spectacular launch into the political abyss, Gov. Eric Greitens and President Donald Trump would... [Read More]
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President Donald Trump's offensive slam to Haitians and Africans, claiming that they hail from "shithole" countries, is merely the latest evidence that he's a racist.... [Read More]
A bill signed this week by President Donald Trump will extend funding for grant programs to local firefighters and emergency responders, including the Jefferson City... [Read More]
Sen. Dick Durbin says President Donald Trump made "hate filled, vile and racist" comments in a closed door meeting in the Oval Office. [Read More]
One day after President Donald Trump allegedly asked why the U.S. would allow more immigrants from Haiti and "****hole* countries" in Africa, Sen. Tom... [Read More]
Isaac Newton Farris Jr., Martin Luther King Jr.'s nephew, told CNN on Friday that while he does not believe President Donald Trump is a "racist... [Read More]
I'm no fan of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but the way he's being shamed and humiliated by President Donald Trump is a damn shame. But... [Read More]
Let's see: The Democrats criticize President Donald Trump for being a novice and having no experience in government, so now who do they tout as... [Read More]
President Donald Trump denied in a tweet on Thursday that he asked during a White House meeting why he should accept immigrants from "shithole countries"... [Read More]
Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) says the Congressional Black Caucus is pursuing a censure resolution for President Donald Trump after his vulgar comment. [Read More]
Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin told reporters President Donald Trump said 'things that were hate-filled, vile and racist' during a meeting in the Oval Office. [Read More]
CHICAGO, Il. – A senator present at a White House immigration meeting says President Donald Trump used vulgar language to describe African countries, saying he "said... [Read More]
President Donald Trump signed a bill this week that will benefit the Fulton Fire Department. [Read More]
President Donald Trump won't be paying a visit to London to open the billion-dollar US embassy, he announced on Twitter. [Read More]
Musician responds to President Donald Trump's reported "shithole" comment that targeted Haiti and countries in Africa, saying there are "shithole communities in America." [Read More]
Republican Rep. Mia Love of Utah called on President Donald Trump to apologize for his reported comments criticizing immigrants coming to the United States from... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's comments draw controversy as DACA talks continue. [Read More]
President Donald Trump expressed frustration behind closed doors with people coming to the US from "s***hole countries," The Washington Post reported on Thursday. Trump apparently... [Read More]