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KRTV is your source for breaking news, features, and weather, in Great Falls and north central Montana. [Read More]
Local 8 was part of the original organizations to join the fire union and they also represents the Great Falls firefighters. [Read More]
In one of the snowiest years on record, crews are working overtime to clear the streets. (David Murray/The Tribune) [Read More]
Michael Garwood, accused of forging $2,000 worth of checks last October and November, was arrested Tuesday on warrant. [Read More]
Great Falls Central's Noah Ambuehl, left, and Wyatt Walters celebrate their win over Denton-Geyser-Stanford in the first round of the Northern C Divisional Basketball Tournament... [Read More]
The Montana Supreme Court on ruled against Cammeron Bullshoe's appeal. Bullshoe was charged in 2013 with 15 counts of sexual abuse of children. [Read More]
Morger, who has operated downtown for 7 years, is closing to complete commissions and personal art. [Read More]
First-round boys' action from the Northern C Divisional tournament in Great Falls... [Read More]
Sunshine is expected across central MT today, while high's will be getting into the teens in Great Falls, but staying in the single digits along... [Read More]
As some parts of the state are still struggling because of weather-related problems and heavy snow, we found a few who are doing everything in... [Read More]
Neighborhood Council 5 voted unanimously to support Wheat Ridge Estates. [Read More]
Press release GREAT FALLS — The Montana Department of Transportation would like to notify the public and seek comments on a proposal to complete... [Read More]
Press release Two workshops, one on March 1 in Havre and another March 2 in Great Falls, aim to connect producers, buyers, and resources to... [Read More]
Emergency crews were initially dispatched just before 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. [Read More]
When Brandy Lambourne walked off the floor of the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls following her last high school basketball game, she did so... [Read More]
McCool says as of right now the grand opening of their newest addition will be June 15th. [Read More]
The Front Brewing Company, a Great Falls brewery open since 2012, is in the process of being sold and changed. Jeremiah Johnson, the purchaser of... [Read More]
A child advocate from Tennessee will be the guest speaker at the March 23 meeting of the Montana Child Protection Alliance. [Read More]
Jessica Kay Johnson has been charged with criminal child endangerment after she allegedly was driving drunk with a child in her vehicle. Court documents state... [Read More]
The Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company in Great Falls just released a new beer to help Montana State University celebrate its 125th anniversary. People will soon... [Read More]
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