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In this special report, Christine Benz lays out our best investment ideas and how to structure a portfolio in retirement. [Read More]
Christine Benz says consolidating accounts, staying conservative, and keeping costs low is important as retirement nears. [Read More]
Gold-rated American Funds Washington Mutual has built a remarkable record by buying dividend payers with good growth prospects on the cheap. [Read More]
The active manager's investment results, fixed-income improvements, and industry leadership stand out. [Read More]
Taxable-bond funds continued to enjoy the greatest inflows in August. [Read More]
Western Asset Core Bond and Dodge & Cox Income use different but equally valid processes to balance economic uncertainties with investor expectations. [Read More]
Many investors are doing sustainable investing, and many more want to start. [Read More]
The qualities and biases of preservers, followers, independents, and accumulators. [Read More]
AIG's new management team should help bring the firm's subpar returns closer to peers. [Read More]
Christine Benz discusses how to determine the right asset mix for your portfolio. [Read More]
Use anticipated spending needs, probabilities of a positive return over your time horizon, to back into the right mix of cash, bonds, and stocks. [Read More]
It's an intuitive way to organize your in-retirement portfolio, but it's not a miracle worker. [Read More]
New portfolio bucketers need to take their own portfolio spending, tax situations, and risk appetites into account. [Read More]
They're part of your net worth, but they might not have a direct impact on your portfolio's stock/bond/cash mix. [Read More]
These Morningstar Medalists earn the highest average moat ratings among U.S. equity-focused mutual funds. [Read More]
These funds are good choices for investors seeking high-quality stocks. [Read More]
Bonds' diversifica­tion potential occupies a spectrum from great to lousy. [Read More]
The company will benefit from capacity expansions at its attractive low-cost assets. [Read More]
China has agreed to higher potash prices in 2019, but we continue to forecast that prices will average $300 per metric ton over the next... [Read More]
The precisely right withdrawal rate is elusive, but taking these steps can keep yours on track. [Read More]
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