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President Trump's pardon this week of boxer Jack Johnson is his latest grant of clemency to a prominent figure. It's an example of his hands-on... [Read More]
The bill makes Sweden the 10th European country to redefine rape, making it illegal to engage in a sexual encounter without the verbal or physical... [Read More]
The writer/director has turned a Neil Gaiman short story into a film starring Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning. It follows an alien exploring the 1970s... [Read More]
The earnings call is a peculiar Wall Street ritual, one that's almost designed to be boring. So when something interesting does happen it's news. Today,... [Read More]
Today on the show: A small town stakes its future on writing, directing, and starring in a musical. [Read More]
There has been much talk about how Ireland's border with the U.K. will work after Brexit, but more than 250 billion Euros of goods cross... [Read More]
NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with journalist Ronan Farrow following Friday's arrest of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Farrow's reporting for The New Yorker last fall brought... [Read More]
In North Carolina a rehab program uses drug offenders as care-givers for elderly and disabled patients. The participants work more than 100 hours a week... [Read More]
As signatories to the Iran nuclear deal meet in Vienna to discuss next steps after the U.S. exit from the deal, NPR's Audie Cornish speaks... [Read More]
Signatories to the Iran nuclear deal will meet with their Iranian counterpart in the first such gathering since the United States pulled out of the... [Read More]
It's graduation season and a time of transition for college seniors, and commencement speakers across the country offer advice on a common theme — how... [Read More]
The Boston Globe is suing a former employee who has accused a top editor of sexual harassment. The paper wants more details about her accusation... [Read More]
Twenty-three years ago, a lot of countries agreed to follow certain trade rules. If a country broke one of those rules, they agreed the World... [Read More]
Harvey Weinstein turned himself into the New York Police Department Friday after spending months attempting to deflect multiple investigations into sexual abuse. But how does... [Read More]
The people of Ireland vote Friday in a referendum that could change the country's strict abortion laws. The issue has sharply divided the nation, with... [Read More]
NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Kimberly Atkins of the Boston Herald and Reihan Salam of the National Review to discuss the stalled talks between the... [Read More]
President Trump has suggested China played a role in the unraveling of North Korea's rapprochement with the U.S. [Read More]
We listen back to excerpts from Roth's interviews about The Plot Against America and Everyman. Roth died Tuesday at age 85. He spoke with Terry... [Read More]
This Memorial Day weekend, we take a moment to reflect on the idea behind the holiday, remembering some of the men and women who served... [Read More]
The legend goes like this: On Valentine's Day 1900, at a remote prep school for young women outside Melbourne, several students and their teacher slipped... [Read More]