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The White House is expected to ask for big cuts, push school choice and change student loan repayment. But presidents have rarely succeeded in cutting... [Read More]
The White House is unveiling a proposal that aims to eliminate the federal deficit within a decade. It calls for significant cuts to Medicaid and... [Read More]
In general, people show a subtle bias toward the self. This is why we love the IKEA furniture we've built, and gravitate toward others with... [Read More]
The Washington Post reported the president asked the Director of National Intelligence and the head of the NSA to push back against the investigation into... [Read More]
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit... [Read More]
Police say about 50 people have been injured in what is being treated as a terrorist incident. Witnesses report frantic efforts by concertgoers to flee... [Read More]
This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the man who invented recorded sound — Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville. He beat the more... [Read More]
Turkey is calling for a full investigation of "aggressive" actions taken by American security personnel following a protest-turned-brawl outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. [Read More]
The Office of Government Ethics wants to know which Trump appointees who worked for corporations and lobbying firms have been given waivers from ethics rules.... [Read More]
As a linebacker from Flint Michigan, Terry Crews was picked by the LA Rams in the 11th round of the 1991 NFL Draft. In 1996,... [Read More]
The two-pronged approach to promoting safe sleep led to a 25 percent drop in the risky practice of bed sharing with babies in the first... [Read More]
In a Facebook post over the weekend, Mississippi state Rep. Karl Oliver said New Orleans politicians "should be LYNCHED" for taking down the memorials. He... [Read More]
The move by Attorney General Jeff Sessions comes after a federal judge blocked a key part of the directive, the threat of withholding federal funds. [Read More]
The state senate has advanced a bill that could upend an ongoing legal challenge by two environmental groups seeking to restrict coal mining beneath a western... [Read More]
Hayden was riding a bicycle on the Rimini coast when he was hit by a car, suffering traumatic head and chest injuries. [Read More]
Worldwide, populist nationalist movements are gaining traction. Why? Law professor Joan Williams says it's because professional elites — including journalists and establishment politicians — remain... [Read More]
On Saturday, jubilant families were reunited with the daughters who'd been held captive by Boko Haram for three years. [Read More]
Some 58,000 Haitians are in the U.S. under a program known as Temporary Protected Status, which Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has extended for six... [Read More]
The Supreme Court upheld the rejection of two congressional districts in North Carolina by a lower court. The lower court ruled the districts had been... [Read More]
The Texas legislature is again considering a bathroom bill. This one would require children in public schools to use restrooms that correspond to the gender... [Read More]
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