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Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 05:00 AM
Congress, once again, finds itself days away from a potential government shutdown and a fight over immigration could stand in the way of a deal... [Read More]
The stress of living in Puerto Rico without running water, electricity or Internet is especially affecting children. But they are slowly finding a new normal. [Read More]
As Republicans prepare to pass their a massive tax overhaul, they are planning to lessen, or even eliminate, the estate tax. But critics say the... [Read More]
Several Jewish-American groups and evangelical Christians applauded President Trump's announcement. Other Christian and Jewish leaders as well as some Muslim-majority nations criticized the move. [Read More]
The House and Senate are working to reconcile their versions of a tax plan — but one thing is for certain: Big changes are ahead... [Read More]
The National Rifle Association has long pushed for the measure, which allows gun owners to carry concealed firearms between states where the practice is legal. [Read More]
Months after a tense standoff between China and India along their Himalayan border, Beijing on Thursday expressed anger at an Indian drone that crashed inside... [Read More]
We've secured our satellite. And while that's pretty cool, we're not quite there yet. We need a rocket. That used to require a having a... [Read More]
The Florida fair is an alternative to the expensive contemporary art market: collectible design, which includes everyday items that speak to a shift away from... [Read More]
The absolute risk is very low. But low-dose formulations of birth control pills and other hormone-releasing contraceptives pose about the same risk to breasts as... [Read More]
A new study raises "serious questions" about the war-fighting methods in Syria, researchers say. In particular, one weapon has been used almost exclusively on civilians. [Read More]
Minnesota Public Radio has confirmed with a Democratic official who has spoken to Sen. Al Franken and key aides who say Franken will resign his... [Read More]
Pennsylvania is one of more than a dozen states suing the EPA for failing to enforce on an important air pollution regulation. ... [Read More]
A county clerk's race in Kentucky rose to national prominence after David Ermold announced he will run against Davis, who opposes gay marriage and denied... [Read More]
Oliver Schmidt admitted to conspiring to defraud the United States by misleading federal regulators about the emissions of diesel cars and violating clean air laws. [Read More]
North American Climate Summit Mayors from across the country say a lack of leadership in Washington on climate change is prompting them to take... [Read More]
In the U.S., one out of every five kids has trouble reading. This is often because of dyslexia. Federal law says public schools have to... [Read More]
The contemporary art market has become so expensive that only the wealthiest people can participate. For those who want to collect art but can't afford... [Read More]
Atlanta's mayoral race is likely on its way to a recount. The tally separating the two candidates was fewer than 800 votes. The election has... [Read More]
Multiple wildfires are burning in Southern California. In Los Angeles, the hills around The Getty Center museum are on fire. A massive fire in Ventura... [Read More]