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Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 07:31 AM
A woman of color is challenging an entrenched white male congressman in a Democratic primary in Massachusetts's 7th Congressional District around Boston. [Read More]
President Trump held in impromptu news conference in Brussels. [Read More]
In a wide-ranging news conference in Brussels, the president reverses himself to say NATO is stronger than ever. Addressing a question about his consistency, he... [Read More]
In an editorial published by Fox News, Ivanka said there was growing support in the Republican party for paid family leave. [Read More]
Kate Christensen's new novel follows a group of people on a vintage-themed cruise — think cabaret, cocktails and no internet — who are thrown together... [Read More]
GroundUP is unlike any other musical event. Lines blur between artist and fan, and spill onto Miami Beach. Hear a jazz sampler from the 2018... [Read More]
President Trump gave an unplanned news conference in Brussels on Thursday. We have coverage and analysis. [Read More]
Many experts on kids and technology are also parents — and they don't necessarily hold themselves up as paragons for parenting in a time when... [Read More]
A man was paid as an archives director in Spain for a decade, but he reportedly would only clock in, leave and then return to... [Read More]
Two Ohio men were just trying to get a free ride when they hopped a moving train. More than 50 miles later, the train hadn't... [Read More]
The Charlotte Housing Authority requires that people who get housing subsidies work — and the program is considered a success story. But helping people... [Read More]
The Government Accountability Office released a report warning NASA that further delays in the space agency's commercial crew program could keep American astronauts from reaching... [Read More]
A conservative plan for paid family leave is gaining traction from Republicans. NPR's Noel King talks with Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women's Forum about... [Read More]
A Salvadoran father was reunited with his two young boys Tuesday night in San Diego — they were among a few dozen immigrant families brought... [Read More]
As the U.K. government prepares to receive President Trump, London braces for big protests, featuring a blimp of the U.S. president as a diapered baby. [Read More]
The former NATO Director of Policy Planning Fabrice Pothier speaks to David Greene about President Trump's policy and rhetoric at the NATO summit in Brussels. [Read More]
The United States has leverage over China in the escalating trade conflict between the two countries. But China could retaliate in ways that cause real... [Read More]
Croatia defeated England in the World Cup semifinals, giving them their first-ever appearance in the finals. [Read More]
Solar power is growing fast, but there need to be ways to store that power for use at night. The biggest energy storage technology involves... [Read More]
How should we rethink the balance between privacy and security in the digital age? Former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff joins NPR's Noel King... [Read More]