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President Trump tweeted the North Korean news that it was suspending nuclear tests was "big progress." Agreeing to meet with Kim Jong Un was a... [Read More]
North Korea has agreed to suspend missile tests, close its major nuclear-testing site and to drop demands that the U.S. remove troops from South Korea.... [Read More]
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has announced his country no longer needs nuclear or missile tests and that it would shut down its nuclear... [Read More]
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Room 615 in Vladivostok's Hotel Gavan is a cramped, two-room "business suite" with green wallpaper and carpeting. Yet when former North Korean leader Kim Jong... [Read More]
We have the latest on President Trump's meetings with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and plans for a summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un. [Read More]
President Trump and Prime Minister Abe are set to address reporters Wednesday evening as they wind up two days of meetings at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort. [Read More]
CIA director Mike Pompeo made a secret trip to North Korea and met with the country's leader Kim Jong Un. He's also trying to get... [Read More]
Good morning, here are our early stories: -- CIA Director Pompeo Met With Kim Jong Un: 'Good Relationship' Formed, Trump Says. -- Russia:... [Read More]
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President Trump hosts Japanese Prime Minister Abe at his Florida resort for a second day on Wednesday. The leaders are expected to focus on trade... [Read More]
The former first lady died on Tuesday at the age of 92 after suffering heart problems. And, CIA Director Mike Pompeo reportedly made an unannounced... [Read More]
CIA Director Mike Pompeo made a secret visit to North Korea earlier this month to meet with leader Kim Jong Un — a trip meant... [Read More]
President Trump begins two days of meetings with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday. North Korea's nuclear threat and trade are expected to dominate... [Read More]
Russia's support of U.N. sanctions against North Korea means the country will expel tens of thousands of North Korean migrant laborers. The Russian port city... [Read More]
Confronting the North Korea threat takes partners, and Japan is among America's most reliable allies in Asia. But lately, Japan is feeling increasingly left out.... [Read More]