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President Trump says his administration will continue to stand by Saudi Arabia, despite reports that the CIA believes the Saudi crown prince approved the killing... [Read More]
The two hefty toms, named "Peas" and "Carrots," will star in the White House turkey pardon, one of the odder White House holiday traditions. [Read More]
Not seeing the video? Click here. Updated at 1:25 p.m. ET President Trump and televised spectacle go together like peas and carrots. And those just... [Read More]
President Trump tried to sidestep criticism from a former top military commander by insisting that retired Adm. William McRaven is simply a political player from... [Read More]
President Trump dismissed criticism from retired Adm. William McRaven, calling the former special operations commander a "Hillary Clinton backer." He's not. [Read More]
The president is going to pardon a turkey. Full stop. Insert joke. These things write themselves. But seriously, it's happening again Tuesday –... [Read More]
In northern California, the search continues for more victims of the Camp Fire. President Trump has visited some areas impacted by wildfires. And, Britain's prime... [Read More]
Steve Inskeep talks to John McLaughlin, former acting director of the CIA under George W. Bush, about how President Trump should work with his intelligence... [Read More]
The search goes on for more victims, and President Trump visited some areas impacted by the fires. And, Britain's prime minister begins a critical week... [Read More]
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President Trump visiting fire-ravaged areas of California Saturday, meeting with people impacted by flames. At least 71 people were killed in the Camp Fire in... [Read More]
President Trump shot down reports on Saturday that his administration was considering extraditing a Pennsylvania-based foe of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in order to... [Read More]
"I don't feel comfortable being a Republican any more," conservative attorney George Conway, who is married to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, said in... [Read More]
President Trump is awarding the nation's highest civilian honor to seven people Friday, including Elvis Presley, Babe Ruth and GOP megadonor Miriam Adelson. [Read More]
Vice President Mike Pence and Russian President Vladimir Putin sat next to each other and chatted briefly at the East Asia Summit in Singapore, in... [Read More]
California Rep. Maxine Waters has been a favorite target of President Trump and his supporters. Now she's in line to chair the House Financial Services... [Read More]
President Trump, the GOP-controlled Senate and the Federalist Society are putting their stamp on the federal judiciary for a generation with a corps of conservative... [Read More]
Vice President Pence defended press freedom in a meeting with Myanmar's leader. His defense of press freedom is in stark contrast to President Trump's confrontational... [Read More]
President Trump created a firestorm when he described himself as a "proud" nationalist at a recent rally. Linguist Geoff Nunberg says the word carries a... [Read More]
The acting attorney general, installed after President Trump forced out his predecessor, may go ahead because he served at a sufficiently high level within DOJ... [Read More]