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Leftists love to spend other people's money to advance their visions for a transformed society. [Read More]
Kevin Drum believes he has me dead to rights on the question of "exploding bullets," which are, I repeat, a myth. [Read More]
John J. Miller is joined by Jeanne Safer to discuss her book, 'I Love You, But I Hate Your Politics.'... [Read More]
"I'm encourage by the fact that he is now against the Hyde Amendment," Ocasio-Cortez told ABC when asked about Joe Biden's recent reversal on the issue. [Read More]
The announcement comes weeks after Tehran threatened to violate the treaty if the pact's European signatories failed to shield them from U.S. sanctions. [Read More]
At GIVEN, it's clear we're still being given much — these women are leaders — for healing and nurturing and peace of the world. [Read More]
A strengthened party system could redirect the perspectives of legislators in a nationalist direction... [Read More]
Mississippi is one of the few states in the country to retain a state mental-hospital network as an integral part of its mental-health system. [Read More]
There are people who regard Natan Sharansky -- for his courage and eloquence in Soviet days; for his perpetual advocacy of freedom and democracy, for... [Read More]
Most Brits oppose the funding of overseas abortion. They want to see women and children thrive where poverty is rampant. [Read More]
The men and women of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard serve their country every day around the world.... [Read More]
If only for the protection of my eternal soul — God, will a Corner post suffice? — I wanted to highlight two alternative translations of the... [Read More]
Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson played the adulterous lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page as smug, immature, smirking know-it alls. Reading the lovers' texts vebatim,... [Read More]
Starting next year, companies can help their employees buy plans in the individual market and still get the usual tax break. The kicker? With some... [Read More]
When you add up housework, child care, and paid work, if anything it's dads who do more work in total. [Read More]
Brainwashing, as it is currently understood in the popular culture, is a literary and cinematic device that has made its way into the global imagination... [Read More]
Democrats must make amends with the 402 other counties that voted for Trump after voting for Obama at least once. [Read More]
Nothing is more critical for the future health and long-term prosperity of our nation than investing in families. Families are the pillars of our communities... [Read More]
Our health, mentally and physically, is a casualty of the urban-design crisis. So is our sense of local belonging in urban environments that often alienate... [Read More]
The Furbers' 1872 epergne set on a mirrored plateau, and decorated with a cast version of the Parthenon frieze, has the mass of Grant's Tomb,... [Read More]