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Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 04:48 AM
Long-term rates are the market's focus, says Didier Saint-Georges, Member of the Investment Committee at Carmignac, who was reacting to comments from Jeffrey Gundlach and... [Read More]
The USA TODAY NETWORK will have live coverage of this event.       ... [Read More]
The Obama administration is set to ease sanctions against Sudan and broaden now limited talks with the long estranged African government, a U.S.-designated terrorism sponsor... [Read More]
Some of them cried. Some of them squealed. Some of them hugged her like they'd known her their whole lives. [Read More]
President-elect has vowed to beef up cyber security in wake of hacks.       ... [Read More]
Is there room in the movement for people who morally object to abortion? [Read More]
But the hard votes are still to come. [Read More]
The sad saga of Elor Azaria has exposed the deep schisms in our society, and could merely be a dress rehearsal for an issue that's... [Read More]
Trevor Noah breaks down the first step of a choreographed performance. [Read More]
Trump's CIA choice to be questioned amid Russia hacking fury. [Read More]
Former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said upon returning to his native South Korea on Thursday that he would make a "selfless decision" soon with regard... [Read More]
A lot of Hollywood celebrities are saddened to see President Barack Obama leave the White House, and "Jane the Virgin" star Gina Rodriguez is one... [Read More]
Could this be any more epic? Michelle Obama's favorite artist Stevie Wonder gave her an incredible serenade in her final appearance as First Lady on... [Read More]
Turkey will hold elections if a constitutional reform package expanding President Tayyip Erodgan's powers is not approved by parliament, state-run Anadolu agency reported a ruling... [Read More]
What did Mr. Trump concede about Russia for the first time on Wednesday? What did he reject? What did he sidestep? Why is this such... [Read More]
In a big, complex society such as ours, the major features of public life have two main components: There are formal legal arrangements and there... [Read More]
Repeal of Obamacare is a must, but Republicans must map out a path forward to a market-based plan with bipartisan appeal beforehand. [Read More]
The sitting of Poland's lower chamber of parliament - the Sejm - has been postponed until 1000 GMT, Deputy Speaker Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska said on Thursday. [Read More]
In a nearly partly-line vote of 51-48, lawmakers approved a nonbinding GOP-backed budget measure that makes it easier for action on subsequent repeal legislation as... [Read More]
Anti-Zionism is deliberately conflated with anti-Semitism to suppress legitimate criticisms of Israeli policies. [Read More]