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Trump says rapid exit from Afghanistan is unacceptable and would leave a power vacuum, US needs path for 'victory'

... [Read More]
A hasty US withdrawal from Afghanistan would leave a vacuum for terrorists, the president said. [Read More]
In his speech about future US strategy in Afghanistan, US President Donald Trump said that Washington will pursue "integration of all instruments of American power:... [Read More]
The men set a mosque ablaze after being inspired by so-called Islamic State, police allege. [Read More]
A rural village in Escourt‚ KwaZulu-Natal‚ is abuzz with allegations of black magic‚ muti and cannibalism after four men‚ one of whom is a traditional... [Read More]
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the president, who had been criticized for a drawn-out review, would announce the details himself in the coming days. [Read More]
Golden temples, Mekong River cruises, mighty waterfalls, and nearly two dozen national parks. [Read More]
BBC correspondent James Cook views the total eclipse from 40,000ft above the Pacific Ocean. [Read More]
Under President Trump, America will not write a blank check for countries that fail to root out the same forces who try every day to... [Read More]
Supreme Court to hear case of heterosexual couple who say rules are "incompatible with equality law". [Read More]
The death of James Dresnok, the American soldier who defected to North Korea in 1962, has been confirmed by Dresnok's sons. Dresnok died of a... [Read More]
The death toll in a strong earthquake, which hit the Italian island of Ischia, has risen to two. [Read More]
If you didn't already have a reason to not be on your phone while driving, here's another one. [Read More]
Asian shares edged higher on Tuesday, taking solace from modest gains on Wall Street even as i... [Read More]
The funding will be used for expansion into Asia and the US. [Read More]
Two North Korean shipments to a Syrian agency overseeing a chemical weapons program were intercepted in six months. [Read More]
Five Israeli citizens, all Arab, are currently being held in administrative detention without trial. [Read More]
The attorney for the Shamasneh family, argued in court on Thursday that the property block number appearing on the eviction order might not be the... [Read More]
According to the indictment document, it is not known when Hamadah decided to carry out a stabbing attack. [Read More]
Business Insider / Henry Blodget What happens to prices when the biggest, reckless buyer walks away? China's State Council has issued guidelines on what... [Read More]