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Walking for thirty-five minutes, jogging for one session, or attending a yoga class every week helps improve your health and lowers your risk for chronic disease,... [Read More]
It is important to be always prepared in times of emergency. This includes always having a plan and keeping a ready supply of survival essentials.... [Read More]
A team of researchers at the Texas A&M University's Geochemical and Environmental Group (GERG) has found that Hurricane Harvey has generated more than 13 trillion gallons of floodwater... [Read More]
To anyone who doesn't frequently engage in exercise, just mentioning the word brings up images of exhaustion, pain, and lots of sweat. These are more... [Read More]
The obesity-related diabetes disaster continues unabated in the United Kingdom, triggering a rash of amputations that may be causing premature death in 80 percent of... [Read More]
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., appears to be slowly but surely losing her mind. And it's possible that Big Pharma is partially responsible. Pelosi,... [Read More]
One of the most common excuses I hear when it comes fitness is that people claim they don't have time to exercise. They like to... [Read More]
Liberal leftists think that wealth must be confiscated at gunpoint and STOLEN from wealthy people in order to redistribute it to their voter base. But... [Read More]
As promised, the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center is rolling out a new format that details the lab test results for off-the-shelf products, including foods, supplements... [Read More]
The scientific modification of plants and animals — and even humans — is often justified as being for the greater good. The long-term effects of... [Read More]
The prospect of humans one day visiting another planet has never seemed more possible than it has in recent years, but several more obstacles need... [Read More]
Although one-third of older Americans take prescription sleep medication, the majority don't discuss their sleep problems with their healthcare providers. This shocking finding comes from... [Read More]
Listening to songs has been proven to affect the way we feel. A new study discovered that listening to "sexy" songs can enhance people's sense of touch. The... [Read More]
Mylan Pharmaceuticals has had a rough time of it in the past 18 months or so. The pharma giant is the distributor of the live-saving... [Read More]
A recent study published in Science Advances has revealed that practicing mental activities such as meditation and mindfulness training may help reduce stress levels by half. Mental training... [Read More]
For years, I've warned that humanity is a suicide cult which has engineered its own destruction by relentlessly poisoning the natural world with chemical pesticides,... [Read More]
As the country and lawmakers in Washington continue to debate the merits (and legality) of marijuana, the state of Colorado has made a startling discovery:... [Read More]
Are you a water snob? Given the state of water options today and their negative impact on the body, it may be a good idea... [Read More]
Scientists have discovered around 400 stone structures in Saudi Arabia that appear to have been built thousands of years ago, and now they are trying... [Read More]
For decades, neuroscientist Olle Johansson, PhD has sounded the alarm about the dangers of artificial electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Dr. Johansson has continually warned us that... [Read More]