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A U.S. Navy plan to build a 308-ship Navy will cost a whopping $566 billion according to the Congressional Budget Office. [Read More]
The Navy's presence in the South China Sea is historically routine, but its patrols there have increasingly agitated China's government, which has made sweeping territorial... [Read More]
The shakeup of the LCS program has delayed getting the replacement crew qualified and could drive the deployment length to as long as a year,... [Read More]
The Navy this year is setting in motion a sweeping changes to the structure of the training pipeline for enlisted sailors. Here's a breakdown and... [Read More]
Navy personnel officials officially kicked off a beta test of a new web portal that's being developed to give sailors a single place to find... [Read More]
and potential risk - for the Navy's new training program is that the fleet owns it and operational commanders will have a big say in... [Read More]
The chief of naval operations wants sailors in a mindset of constantly thinking about potential enemies and how to beat them. Some Navy leaders worry... [Read More]
In three separate incidents on Feb. 10, Russian fighter jets and and a maritime patrol aircraft flew close to the Porter, which the ship deemed... [Read More]
The lengthy delays in the F-35 program and projected procurement and sustainment costs coupled with legacy aircraft readiness issues dictates need for a major review... [Read More]
Two of the Navy's missile-laden surface combatants are operating in the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea in presence missions that have led to which... [Read More]
Navy officials are asking roughly 6,000 first-term sailors to extend their enlistments at sea in an effort to stave off a looming manpower shortage that... [Read More]
Sailors wanting to apply for sea duty extensions under this program must meet some minimum requirements. [Read More]
The threat of attacks on warships or commercial shipping has defense officials thinking about stepping up U.S. military presence near war-torn Yemen. [Read More]
The Navy's long awaited fitness suit has been delayed yet again, but this time there's a light at the end of the tunnel, officials say.... [Read More]
It's a major step in the Navy's journey to get the Joint Strike Fighter into carrier air wings, currently slated to happen in February 2019. [Read More]
It's time we looked at power generation and transmission much the same way we view energy policy generally – as a national security issue. [Read More]
Documents reveal a much more complicated case than sensational headlines suggested last year ahead of LIn's April arraignment, revealing questions about whether the government can... [Read More]
As Naval aviation continues to transition to its future force, 2017 milestones and transitions may bring a new supercarrier, the first unmanned patrol squadron and... [Read More]
The carrier Carl Vinson and its escorts, along with 7,500 sailors, are set to deploy late next week for a Western Pacific cruise. [Read More]
Sailors from Ike's Carrier Strike Group 10 returned home from deployment to the Persian Gulf — spending 152 days in combat operations against the Islamic... [Read More]
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