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WAN management is a complex process and requires expertise on the enterprise side for network managers to run and operate a global WAN. [Read More]
Packet, a bare-metal cloud provider for developers, plans to offer customers access to Qualcomm's 48-core ARM server processor, Centriq 2400, later this year. [Read More]
Everyone knows banks love mainframes, but these powerful computers are also used to power our homes, build our cars, facilitate our healthcare, and keep us... [Read More]
A good case study in the move from monolithic tech to microservices. [Read More]
Juniper's Cloud-Grade networking combines carrier-grade reliability with enterprise-class control and usability for a new way to secure, deliver and manage applications. [Read More]
The growth of the IoT means organizations need to start considering migrating to IPv6. Failing to migrate will restrict their ability to be flexible and... [Read More]
Team System DZ hackers defaced at least 12 government websites in three states, with Ohio suffering the most defacements on Sunday. [Read More]
Inflexible IT architectures can be a barrier to organizational change. As companies embark on digital transformations aimed at improving their business, the pressure is on... [Read More]
Even weak attackers can pull off a password reset man-in-the-middle attack by getting you to register at a new website. [Read More]
Without hypervisors, digitalization, which has already irrevocably changed the way 21st Century business works, would be severely crippled. Therefore, most individuals and organizations willingly overlook... [Read More]
Amazon is highly skilled at digitizing businesses with software, and is highly skilled at the logistics of delivering goods to its customers. The acquisition of... [Read More]
Steven Max Patterson met with a team of Microsoft AI researchers recently to discuss original adaptations of Resnet 50, a version of the convolutional network... [Read More]
Amazon's Echo Show finally starts shipping this Wednesday. If you buy two right now, you get a $100 discount. And if you select 2-day shipping,... [Read More]
WAN architectures today are not optimized to handle hybrid applications. Mark Casey, president and CEO of Apcela, advises on how to build a new cloud-ready... [Read More]
A virtual private network is a secure tunnel between two or more computers on the internet, allowing them to access each other as if on... [Read More]
Colocation providers can supply data center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools that give their customers a "single pane of glass" to view the status of their... [Read More]
ranging from connected light bulbs, smart gas meters and smart speakers, to IP monitoring cameras, smart watches, drones, and robots. And while the connectivity and... [Read More]
Vapor IO is launching a rather interesting collocation business by offering leased data center capacity at cellular network towers. The company's argument is that it... [Read More]
The column command can reformat the output from various commands to make it more useful or appealing... [Read More]
A primer on the Internet of Things security and how to protect it. [Read More]