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This handy gadget from SanDisk automatically backs up your iPhone's photos, videos contacts and more, every time you charge. And its currently discounted 35% on... [Read More]
A review of what's reshaping the IoT's future the most shows which industries will be most vital in the coming years. [Read More]
IT pros share their experiences working with Turbonomic and VMware vRealize Operations... [Read More]
Researchers designed an IoT network using sound and motion sensors that estimates public space utilization. The ideas can be applied to other IoT sensor networks. [Read More]
To make sure files aren't removed accidentally when running the Linux find command, use the -ok command. It will ask for permission before removing any... [Read More]
The latest release of Cisco's intent-based networking solution, ACI 3.0, increases network automation, simplifies operational tasks and makes it easier to secure agile workloads. [Read More]
Creating a more secure IoT will incur significant cost on companies, governments and individual consumers alike. [Read More]
As the internet has mushroomed in size and traffic, DNS has adapted to become a critical factor in application delivery. Organizations that rely on content... [Read More]
If data is a more valuable resource than oil in today's world, there seems to be a concerted effort not to leverage information, and instead... [Read More]
IoT growth depends on an open ecosystem. It cannot wait, nor can it be like Apple and take from the ecosystem without contributing. [Read More]
Numerous hybrid cloud studies tell us that companies aren't choosing just one IaaS vendor. Instead, they're choosing multiple, but they tend to think of the... [Read More]
With all of the Internet of Things and Enterprise of Things devices coming online, we need an automated way to connect them or face severe... [Read More]
SD-WAN isn't just for companies with multiple sites or multiple Internet connections. It can also be a lifesaver for fixing bad call quality at a... [Read More]
Internet speeds have improved, but they still don't beat private networks for delivering applications globally, according to Aryaka's SD-WAN connectivity report. [Read More]
Smart cities, which were once confined to the realms of science fiction books, are rapidly becoming a reality all around the globe. Unfortunately, like all... [Read More]
As long as developers work in tandem with one another, the security problems presented by the development of IoT within smart cities won't be insurmountable. [Read More]
As more and more IT assets rely on cloud computing, IT decision makers need to make sure their networks aren't becoming obstacles to achieving business... [Read More]
Oracle Management Cloud suite provides real-time, proactive monitoring and outage prevention, and Oracle Identity SOC helps forecast, detect and resolve security threats. [Read More]
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