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Apple has released its iPhone 7 Plus in September 2016, while Samsung has brought its Galaxy S8 last year, in April 2017. Today, we will... [Read More]
Whether you miss playing on your old PlayStation 1 or just want to give classic games a try, you'll want to download a PS1 emulator... [Read More]
There's no stopping smartphones nowadays. In fact, consumers' demand for smartphones has pushed manufacturers to release just about any model that would... [Read More]
Much has been said about Showbox and fans of the streaming app have been feeling rather blue on issues surrounding their favorite app. So, it... [Read More]
WhatsApp has been a reliable messenger among countless Android users all over the world. As for Samsung users, it's no different. As WhatsApp continues to... [Read More]
You may have already read an article or two about Lucky Patcher since it was first released for Android. Well, unsurprisingly, it has been a... [Read More]
You might have heard about the competition among Android apps that has created a buzz all over the Internet. In fact, these apps have been... [Read More]
Google Play Store is the marketplace for Android smartphones. Some apps in said marketplace are supported by ads, which can be annoying especially if... [Read More]
The app that brought you the ability to watch videos and TV shows has recently been updated. Showbox APK has been updated last August 28,... [Read More]
Whenever an Android user looks for an application to download and install in his or her device, the first resource they'll look into is the... [Read More]
Performance-wise, Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro handle your daily desktop needs pretty much with the same level of excellence. There is no doubt... [Read More]
Ever since its release for the PC, GTA 5 Online has been receiving updates constantly all the way up to the current year, even with... [Read More]
Adobe Flash Builder is an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows users to create games and applications meant for the web as well as mobile... [Read More]
Last year, Samsung has released the eight generation of the S series, so let's check out a quick comparison between Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 3T,... [Read More]
The latest version of Lucky Patcher was released fairly recently. That particular version bears the string "7.3.8" and so far, there hasn't been news of... [Read More]
One of the best features of an Android system over an iOS is the permission given to users to download and install other applications. Put... [Read More]
They are free, intuitive, and versatile. TubeMate, VidMate and others can easily vie for the best Youtube downloader of 2018. With over one billion users... [Read More]
This is because without even going to Google Play Store, a new version of WhatsApp can be downloaded. From the official WhatsApp website, you... [Read More]
Have you ever heard of Lucky Patcher? If you have, you may not know much about it including how to use it. In order to... [Read More]
Gmail is probably the most widely used email service today. But now that there are only a few of them competing for the top rank,... [Read More]