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Kentucky's former governor, Steve Beshear, has some choice words for the Republican leader, and for Democrats trying to stop Trumpcare. [Read More]
It was just one in a constellation of promises related to health care. He also insisted that his administration wouldn't cut Medicaid and that he... [Read More]
Scott Pruitt has won his first trophy since becoming Environmental Protection Agency administrator. It is not for protecting the environment..@EPAScottPruitt wins the 2017 Golden Padlock... [Read More]
American Medical Association CEO James Madara sent a letter to Senate leaders on Monday expressing his group's opposition to the Republican health care bill. "Medicine... [Read More]
On Monday, researchers at the University of Washington released a much-anticipated study that looked at the effects of the first stages of Seattle's $15 minimum... [Read More]
The Court today partially lifted an injunction on the administration's 90-day ban of all travelers from six predominantly Muslim nations and its 120-day ban on... [Read More]
The nation's highest court ruled today that a Lutheran preschool in Missouri has a religious freedom right to receive public funds. The case, Trinity Lutheran... [Read More]
The president is notorious for his habit of projection. In his latest tweets from yesterday and this morning, he took this predilection to an extreme,... [Read More]
With Sean Spicer transitioning to an off-camera role, the title is anyone's for the taking. But Tillerson, the secretary of state who has been very... [Read More]
As Lake Chad vanishes, seven million people are on the brink of starvation. [Read More]
That Republicans are on the verge of repealing the law can be partly attributed to the tortured legal reasoning of Chief Justice John Roberts. [Read More]
As the social-media platform's struggles continue, we asked reporters and editors to imagine a world free of 140-character limits. They responded with equal parts horror... [Read More]
It isn't the strident opposition, but backchannel negotiations with persuadable Republican senators. [Read More]
Trump's kleptocratic, autocratic tendencies are matched by McConnell's destruction of democratic norms. Both are an existential threat. [Read More]
In an interview, political scientist Lee Drutman explains how economic issues took a backseat in the 2016 election. [Read More]
Dean Heller of Nevada announced on Friday afternoon that he's against the Senate health care bill as it's currently written. "Heller's comments came the day... [Read More]
On Friday, Sean Spicer gave his off-camera press briefing that the White House press corps is still too cowardly to film. He told reporters that... [Read More]
Sofia Coppola's film evolution from the "Virgin Suicides" to a dreamily-stylized Civil War drama. [Read More]
Trump has repeatedly lambasted the ongoing investigation into Russia's involvement into the 2016 election as a partisan witch hunt intended to bring down his administration,... [Read More]
A new Netflix documentary about the Gawker-Hulk Hogan trial explores the larger forces that have upended the media industry. [Read More]