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In heterosexual relationships, only men are more likely to get diabetes when their partner has a high BMI – perhaps because of gender roles in... [Read More]
How safe is it to drive when you haven't had much sleep? Just like drinking alcohol, it turns out we're not always a good judge... [Read More]
About 3 billion people speak Indo-European languages like English and Hindustani, and it seems the first such tongue was spoken south of the Caucasus mountains... [Read More]
This online service ('the Service') is provided by New Scientist Limited. The following terms and conditions apply to use of the Service and the materials... [Read More]
The asteroid that struck Earth 66 million years ago caused dramatic climate change, which could mean we are underestimating how much the planet will warm... [Read More]
An autonomous Uber car spotted Elaine Herzberg about six seconds before fatally hitting her but did not stop because the emergency brakes were disabled, US federal investigators... [Read More]
The US Air Force is developing bulletproof batteries to replace traditional armour. They are loaded with silica nanoparticles that become rigid upon impact... [Read More]
Some chimpanzee populations gained useful DNA from interbreeding with bonobos, and one may even have become more gentle and "bonobo-like" in its brain structure and... [Read More]
Last week we learned a chemical that harms the ozone layer is being emitted in Asia – and now it seems sloppy recycling might be... [Read More]
For some, symptoms of autism can hamper their daily lives, but drugs to mitigate these have floundered during trials. Shafali Jeste has an idea of... [Read More]
A person who has a brain implant for OCD has had an unexpected side-effect: better blood sugar control. The finding reveals the brain has a... [Read More]
Many scientists think that our big brains evolved to help us cope with the complexities of social living, but a model suggests it was more to... [Read More]
Couples who eat seafood more than twice a week have more sex and get pregnant quicker, a study of 1000 people has found, although the... [Read More]
Space plasma magnifies the light from a distant pulsar, letting us zoom in on features so small it's like measuring the width of a hair... [Read More]
The way we make ammonia for fertilizer was developed a century ago and produces more than 1 per cent of all carbon emissions. Now we... [Read More]
As Kilauea continues erupting, lava is mixing with water, creating steam that could trigger massive explosions and throw large rocks up to a kilometre away... [Read More]
The ocean tides are the strongest they have been for millions of years, and they will get stronger for several million years to come –... [Read More]
The US has demonstrated that it cannot be trusted to stick to its word on arms control deals. The result may be a return to... [Read More]
The quantum story is all brilliant insights, flawed male scientists – and few female ones. To progress, we may need to dump our prejudices, says... [Read More]
One of the great comic book characters of all time, and a pioneer for all women who seek powerful roles, gets a new lease of... [Read More]
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