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The first global "light census" shows that the area affected by artificial lighting is growing by 2.2 per cent every year, posing risks to wildlife... [Read More]
The healing powers of illegal drugs like MDMA and psilocybin are finally living up to the hype — and they are already transforming our view... [Read More]
Almost 150 years before anyone recorded their ultrasound calls, Lazzaro Spallanzani's cunning yet gruesome experiments revealed how bats navigate in darkness... [Read More]
Last week the Keystone pipeline spilled 5,000 barrels of oil. This week Nebraska decided to allow the Keystone XL extension to be built right through... [Read More]
While the US tried to promote "clean coal" at the COP23 Bonn climate meeting, other countries called for the dirty fossil fuel to be rapidly... [Read More]
Earlier this month, France's nuclear safety agency said it had recorded radioactivity in the area near the Ural Mountains - and Russia has now verified... [Read More]
Workers at the Cervaiole quarry have supplied marble to Auguste Rodin and Henry Moore. But the beautiful rock was discovered 500 years ago by Michelangelo... [Read More]
Alkali flies plunge into the salty and alkaline Mono Lake, to feed and lay their eggs, but until now it has been unclear how they... [Read More]
We might finally know how ocean-sized deposits of water hundreds of kilometres below Earth's surface are getting there: a spongy sort of clay that is bringing it underground... [Read More]
Psychopathy and altruism seem to be poles apart, but in her book The Fear Factor Abigail Marsh suggests how one can explain the other... [Read More]
Animal footprints can help in the fight to save endangered species. Wild Track would like your help to collect images and develop its footprint identification... [Read More]
A wide-ranging exhibition in Cambridge, UK, celebrates two geniuses: one broke Nazi codes, the other cracked an ancient script... [Read More]
The highest energy cosmic rays and neutrinos that rain down on Earth may come from white dwarf stars being devoured by black holes... [Read More]
A new grand unified theory seems to unite electromagnetism and the weak and strong nuclear force without resorting to supersymmetry... [Read More]
A selfie of Scott's Antarctic team minutes after discovering they lost out to Norwegian Roald Amundsen has been sold — only to disappear again... [Read More]
Firing 50 solid rocket fuel motors within 10 milliseconds of an IED blast temporarily makes the vehicle weigh 120 tons, freezing it in place and... [Read More]
From wasps that create zombie prey to newts with chest-busting ribs, a London exhibition reveals venomous nature as both compelling and disgusting... [Read More]
It is illegal for those in power to redraw voting districts for their own gain — but hard to spot. Fortunately, maths could come to... [Read More]
The ability to jump and flip is a step change for humanoid robots, but if you're worried about the robot uprising, have a look at what happens... [Read More]
Elephants cause a lot of damage, but like other smart animals, they're too smart to scare away. An AI scarecrow that adapts its tactics for... [Read More]