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Why do some fish sport beautiful colours? Can they feel pain? What's special about lanternfish? The piscine world is awash with surprises, reveals a new... [Read More]
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Marshlands in the south east of England could start to disappear in a little over 20 years due to rapid rises in sea levels, scientists... [Read More]
Wounds and burns could one day be treated by the material spiders use to make their webs... [Read More]
Ireland is set to become the first country to sell off all its investments in fossil fuels, but efforts to limit global warming must go... [Read More]
Governments and employers can still snoop on you when you use Chrome's Incognito Mode or other private browsers, but many people don't know this... [Read More]
The Viking Mars landers famously failed to find any evidence of life, but now it seems a rogue chemical reaction masked the signature of organic... [Read More]
You've probably never heard of Mycoplasma genitalium, even though it's one of the most prevalent. Here's what you need to know... [Read More]
For the first time, we have traced a high-energy neutrino back to its origin - a black hole 4 billion light years away - and... [Read More]
Minuscule machines that act as sensors in smartphones and other devices can be made from crystals extracted from discarded wood instead of silicon... [Read More]
Life in the Dark, a new show at London's Natural History Museum, is a powerful and creepy exercise in letting go of the normal in... [Read More]
The world's most exciting festival of ideas and discovery London ExCeL September 20th-23rd 2018... [Read More]
Compiled by Richard Smyth... [Read More]
We look back at recruitment advertising in New Scientist from 1966, 1987 and 2006, and notice some odd discrepancies between salaries... [Read More]
Plus: fish drown in drink, pet pundits predict points, terrorists ban plastic bags, rats make a million rupee nest, and more... [Read More]
The first brain-scanning study to track activity in the brain's decision-making centres during gambling shows fluctuations in dopamine levels affect risk-taking... [Read More]
Our best theory of physical reality is exquisite – but inexplicable. A low, unexplained experimental noise could herald a revolution in the making... [Read More]
To change the hearts and minds of climate sceptics, atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe mixes hard science and the Bible to get her message across... [Read More]
In the 1950s, the US navy thought dolphins would be good templates for torpedo design. But they ended up using them for a very different purpose... [Read More]