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Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 01:38 PM
Common sense is prevailing in human space exploration, and the moon is back as the place we need to colonise before a riskier trip to... [Read More]
Common sense is prevailing in human space exploration, and the moon is back as the place we need to colonise before a riskier trip to... [Read More]
A new exhibition at London's Science Museum leaves visitors thinking that technology may be making the world a better place after all... [Read More]
Arguments over the causes of the gender gap in STEM jobs rage on. It's not due to hormones or innate brain differences, says Lise Eliot... [Read More]
Google's parent company wants to use its Project Loon tech to help restore the island's hurricane-damaged mobile networks. But is it charity or business strategy? [Read More]
Why are some birds' wings darker on top? Engineers may have found the answer while trying to design a biomimetic drone that goes further on... [Read More]
A new way of storing hearts outside the body for a day or more could bring an end to people dying while awaiting an organ... [Read More]
From gravitational waves to waves of flavour, Jonathon Keats surveys the best of the current crop of science writing... [Read More]
Think carefully before you get your DNA tested: you're selling as well as buying... [Read More]
Settled agriculture didn't spawn the first states. Two new books help expose the real drivers, the pressures on marginalised people — and what they can... [Read More]
Active Galactic Nuclei occur when a black hole devours a cloud of gas and dust and shines really brightly. Now one has been seen doing... [Read More]
Tracking tiny variations in light reflected at the base of a wall can let you count people in a room and see where they are... [Read More]
Richard Thaler has won this year's Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his work on the limits to human rationality and how to subtly influence... [Read More]
East Africa became colder and drier around 75,000 years ago, just when modern humans were apparently migrating out of Africa... [Read More]
Research findings often crumble under the microscope. Rows over the best way to fix this must end so we can stop trust in science crumbling... [Read More]
While there are millions of species on Earth, many of them have almost identical lifestyles, suggesting nature is more regular and rule-based than we thought... [Read More]
Kuwait has revoked the world's first law requiring everyone to submit samples of their DNA, after a court found it would violate personal liberty... [Read More]
Tiny explosions in the atmosphere may explain why the solar corona is a million degrees hotter than the sun's surface... [Read More]
The World Anti-Doping Agency has extended its ban on "gene doping" to include all forms of gene editing — but it's not clear if WADA... [Read More]
The savannahs early hominins occupied might have appeared thanks to a spate of wildfires 8 million years ago — which might in turn be linked... [Read More]