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It has already been a rough season. [Read More]
Odom is firing back at ESPN loudmouth Stephen A. [Read More]
The State Department's office to monitor and combat anti-Semitism will soon be abandoned. [Read More]
Cabrera would rather not play for the Mets at all than play second base for them. [Read More]
The 15th annual CUNY/Daily News Citizenship Now! hotline ended the way it began — with a flood of calls. [Read More]
There's finally an opportunity for a Barry to play for the Knicks. [Read More]
The Rangers acquired the pick from Arizona earlier in the day. [Read More]
The LAPD has executed search warrants against Robert Cain, 31, who was arrested Thursday for statutory rape of the unidentified girl. [Read More]
Knicks legend Charles Oakley was always one to speak his mind. [Read More]
A detailed new account of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election leaves no doubt on two fronts... [Read More]
Child of immigrant Jews from Eastern Europe, son of the Bronx, product of the public schools and NYU and... [Read More]
Desperate straphangers scurried through subway tunnels like rats to get out of a stopped train in Brooklyn, the MTA confirmed Friday. [Read More]
In the age of Amazon, plenty of people think libraries — including the 207 branches in New York City... [Read More]
Ivanka Trump must testify under oath in a lawsuit claiming her footwear company ripped off a rival, a judge ordered on Friday. [Read More]
Seeking a new life elsewhere filled with more opportunities for jobs, education, and families, these immigrants have made Canada their new home. [Read More]
A California woman said she still doesn't have an appetite after finding a frog in her salad earlier this month. [Read More]
The S.I. doctor accused of running a pill mill can't write prescriptions pending trial — but he can keep seeing patients, a judge decided. [Read More]
A New Hampshire state representative who called for Hillary Clinton to be shot visited the White House Friday for a bill signing ceremony. [Read More]
Vinny Asaro is scheduled to enter a guilty plea next week in an arson case inspired by a road rage incident, the Daily News has... [Read More]