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Losing 2018 Senate Republican candidate Martha McSally of Arizona could soon get to the Senate via an appointment to the seat temporary occupant John Kyl... [Read More]
Nearly two years after his election, President Trump still hasn't visited a military base in a war zone. According to a new report, that's partially... [Read More]
A group of dissident House Democrats released a letter pledging to vote against Nancy Pelosi when the House elects a new Speaker in January, but... [Read More]
Mississippi is holding a special election runoff for the Senate on November 27, and appointed Republican incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith has given hope to underdog Democrat... [Read More]
For $100, you get a tote bag. [Read More]
He can refuse to hear evidence and shrug off reports of MBS's involvement, but he won't be able to ignore the consequences of the journalist's... [Read More]
President Donald Trump is likely guilty of obstruction of justice in the Russia investigation. Former FBI counsel James Baker has a historical essay about Richard... [Read More]
Watching the HBO adaptation of Elena Ferrante's iconic series, I found myself nostalgic for my reading experience. [Read More]
We found gift ideas on Amazon for every type of mom on your list: from a "funky" mom to a fancy mom to a mom... [Read More]
YouTuber Logan Paul gave a keynote at a Flat Earther Convention in Denver, Colorado. He apparently does not actually believe the world is flat. [Read More]
As late ballots came in heavily Democratic, the midterms looked less like the "split decision" many described on Election Night, and more like a solid... [Read More]
I went and bought the best products from Sephora's Beauty Insider Sale, also known as the VIB Sale including Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Highlighter... [Read More]
Ex-judge Lance Mason has been arrested on suspicion of killing his wife, four years after he served nine months for assaulting her. [Read More]
To fix typos on your iPhone you don't need to drag your cursor over the specific letter using your finger. Instead, you can press and... [Read More]
This week, Strategist buyers bought kids' toys like Hatchimals, Hairdorables, Scruff-a-Luvs, and Ryan's World Mystery eggs; Peach & Lily serum, Bite Beauty lip masks, Drillbrush... [Read More]
For the Cut's "Out of the Box" fashion series, we sent photographer Micaiah Carter a box full of Louis Vuitton resort 2019 clothes. He cast... [Read More]
Mark Zuckerberg told a number of his top staffers that Facebook is at "war" according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. [Read More]
We assume that when you're in a relationship, you won't be lonely, because a "void" has been filled. But you can be in a relationship... [Read More]
I think about the first kiss between Bella and Edward in Twilight, which was released ten years ago, a lot. [Read More]
President Donald Trump gave an interview to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. In it, Trump explained his definition of "fake news," which is any... [Read More]
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