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If Tom Hanks offers to be in your movie, you're legally only allowed to react in one of the following ways: Scream until you faint,... [Read More]
Whoa. I've seen countless sci-fi attempts to tackle the subject of online surveillance and abuse, but they usually devolve into helpless paranoia and fear-mongering without... [Read More]
Five women accused James Franco of inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct in a Los Angeles Times report this week, and while Franco has denied the... [Read More]
Last night, James Spader — of Blacklist, Boston Legal, fedora, and '80s heartthrob fame — did what any NBC procedural lead would do while contractually... [Read More]
"Crazy Diamond" is an utterly bonkers and transcendent story about aging and death. A recap of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams season 1 episode 4... [Read More]
Stranger Things star David Harbour posed for high school student Damaris Fregoso's yearbook photos after she tweeted him the request. [Read More]
One of the guiding principles of comedic TV has long been that lessons are either never learned, or learned once and definitively, preferably at the... [Read More]
Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Insecure... [Read More]
At Starz's Television Critics Association panel today, CEO Chris Albrecht announced that Neil Gaiman, American Gods author, would step in as showrunner of the network's... [Read More]
After a bill to commemorate the civil-rights hero's life with a national holiday stalled in Congress, Stevie Wonder stepped in. ... [Read More]
Ansolo has teamed up with aughts-era super-producer Scott Storch, and the result is a "Supernova." The baby driver turned baby DJ turned baby singer adds... [Read More]
Rebecca Hall is the latest actress to renounce working with Woody Allen. After Greta Gerwig said she would not work with Allen again and Mira... [Read More]
As I launch into these Electric Dreams recaps, I hope to impress that writing a great episode of a sci-fi anthology series is exceptionally difficult.... [Read More]
In Vulture's review of The End of the F***ing World, Jen Chaney described it as deceptively endearing for a story about a 17-year-old self-diagnosed psychopath... [Read More]
There's nothing really exceptional about 27 Dresses, which turns ten this week. The movie itself is somewhere between Bride Wars and Something Borrowed: If it's... [Read More]
The original Twisters location is putting all of the trappings back up. [Read More]
Pass the aux cord, we have a request: For all your weekend functions, instead of blasting the new Camila Cabello, Cardi B, or whatever your... [Read More]
If you've been on Lindsay Lohan's Instagram any time in the past three years you've probably wondered, "What the hell is going on here?" She... [Read More]
George Clooney's big return to TV will come courtesy of Hulu. After two decades away — making "movies" or whatever —Clooney will return to his... [Read More]
For the last couple years, softer, more lush R&B has been creeping up the charts in direct contrast to the harder sounds that have come... [Read More]
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