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You've been missing her like some kind of good thing that you enjoy very much. Fries? In a new Instagram video, Mandy Moore teases her... [Read More]
One of the best parts of Pose so far has been it's absolutely amazing soundtrack full of retro radio hits and old school homo disco... [Read More]
The HBO miniseries Sharp Objects is full of shadows and echoes and things you can't quite fully glimpse — mysteries you know are there but... [Read More]
Turns out, you've been leaving vanillekipferl and milk out for Hans Gruber every year for absolutely no reason. So who's been eating them? At the... [Read More]
Not to bang the same drum I was beating last week, but there are times when I think that Preacher ought to be The Tulip... [Read More]
Television has always loved its dead girls. Laura Palmer. Dora Lange. The list goes on and on, stretching across genres and intents. What unites these... [Read More]
In the first episode of his new Showtime series Who Is America?, Sacha Baron Cohen says "my wife" once.How many times will Sacha Baron Cohen... [Read More]
At his core, Sacha Baron Cohen is a French clowning and Peter Sellers devotee, who prides himself in his ability to create characters that are... [Read More]
He has returned with a defensive interview. [Read More]
After a wave of backlash came crashing down on Scarlett Johansson for taking the role of a trans man in the film Rub & Tug,... [Read More]
What does Latinx Hollywood need to do to earn some Emmy love? In a year with plenty of striking contenders — Jane the Virgin, One... [Read More]
The new film Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot is based on the life of cartoonist John Callahan. Played here by Joaquin Phoenix,... [Read More]
In news as unsurprising as Tan suggesting someone try a French tuck, Queer Eye is coming back for a third season. Netflix announced the news... [Read More]
To put it mildly, Gus Van Sant's three-decade feature-film career covers a lot of ground. Starting from his adopted home of Portland, Oregon, Van Sant... [Read More]
The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We're here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There... [Read More]
The Supreme Court nominee, a law-school roommate revealed, was known as the 'pasta with ketchup' guy. [Read More]
There is so much that we could talk about during this episode, like Craig yanking up his fly with a coat hanger because his hand... [Read More]
Gitano received citations for an unmaintained bathroom and insufficient refrigeration, among other things. [Read More]
Yaari Tal (@yaaaaaaaaari) is a Queens-born, Brooklyn-based comedian, improviser, pianist, and podcaster. His podcast Influenca, in which he interviews creative people about four songs that... [Read More]
You work a job long enough, and you start to pick up certain occupational perks. Doctors have steady hands. Shippers are great drivers and routers.... [Read More]