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No wonder New York City's latest move in respect of abortion was advanced "under the radar," as the New York Times put it. The plan... [Read More]
Events in Iowa this week show the Democratic Party is skidding off the rails. Nineteen Democrats running for president took the stage at Cedar Rapids... [Read More]
It was five years ago that I first met Rick Richman, who had become interested in the Zionist prophet Vladimir Jabotinsky. Mr. Richman was taken... [Read More]
If you want a gift over Christmas, treat yourself to the Delacroix exhibition now at the Metropolitan Museum. It's a once in a lifetime chance... [Read More]
Speculation that the "Mona Lisa" was made possible by the inability of Leonardo da Vinci to see straight, well, let me just say that the... [Read More]
Based in a Pennsylvania suburb, artist Anne Canfield makes frequent trips to Japan and Germany. Her home base in Landsowne, Pennsylvania, and the towns she... [Read More]
The ideal art studio is north-facing, with high ceilings and large, angled windows that provide plenty of natural light without allowing in the burning rays... [Read More]
Many New Yorkers likely haven't entered a Bruegger's bagel shop since the late nineties, when the chain closed all of its Manhattan locations as the... [Read More]
Although it can't be proved, it's nevertheless safe to say that when it comes to wine, New Yorkers are Europhiles. And why not? Europe still... [Read More]
A neighborhood wine shop is like an old-fashioned apothecary — or so it struck me while hanging out one recent afternoon at Frankly Wines, a... [Read More]
During a recent lunch at Eleven Madison Park, I sipped, from my Bordeaux-style glass, a liquid that glowed with the deep amber tints of a... [Read More]
Although I have a vested interest in noting this, wine writing may as well be written in disappearing ink. The wine scribblers of yesteryear are... [Read More]
You could get a stiff neck walking around Santiago, Chile, just from looking up. That's how mesmerizing the first rung of the snowcapped Andes are,... [Read More]
Those of us in the advice-giving game know what's expected of us for the holiday season. We're supposed to tantalize you with you-gotta-give-it goodies —... [Read More]
Even in Omar Khayyam's day, a dedicated lover of the grape would have welcomed a few extra touches, beyond a loaf of bread and a... [Read More]
Something about Christy Canterbury's polite demeanor made me suspect, at first meeting, that she might be a vegetarian, maybe even a vegan. But the right... [Read More]
PARIS — The familiar sound of corks popping may soon be consigned to history as French wines start dropping the traditional cork for the screw... [Read More]
Like many New Yorkers, the city's top wine stores have devised a method for dealing with the dog days of summer: Pack up and ship... [Read More]
In her quirky and endearing new memoir, "The Battle for Wine and Love: Or How I Saved the World from Parkerization" (Harcourt, $23), wine writer... [Read More]
The literature of wine is ripe with descriptions (and barely concealed avarice) about wine buying. Here's Thomas Jefferson in 1787, acquisitive and even geeky in... [Read More]