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Quotation of the Day for Thursday, November 14, 2019. [Read More]
Alex Eaton-Salners is multilingual. [Read More]
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The National Transportation Safety Board said it had warned of the dangers of duck boats, like the one that sank near Branson, Mo., killing 17... [Read More]
Their goal is to transform what might seem like an abstract debate over foreign policy into high crimes and misdemeanors in the public mind as... [Read More]
Corrections that appeared in print on Thursday, November 14, 2019. [Read More]
On the first day of public hearings in the Trump impeachment inquiry, lawmakers questioned two diplomats, and laid out two competing narratives about the investigation. [Read More]
What exactly did the United States get for the Turkish leader's White House visit? [Read More]
What does a town do when the chief is killed at a law enforcement conference and one of his officers is charged in the homicide?... [Read More]
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The ad is the latest volley in an ongoing back-and-forth with billionaires unhappy about her candidacy. Her campaign is embracing the fight. [Read More]
What the day's impeachment hearings revealed. [Read More]
An architect, Mr. Sadao translated the ideas of Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi to the real world. [Read More]
Until recently, the absence of a far-right movement was a source of pride in Spain. The ultranationalist party has undone that consensus. [Read More]
The decision almost certainly paves the way for a major Supreme Court case over President Trump's stonewalling of congressional oversight efforts. [Read More]
The fifth-largest newspaper chain in the country will try to encourage more digital subscriptions with a weekend plan affecting dailies in 14 states. [Read More]
With Israel exchanging blows with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas faces a stark choice: Join the fight or redouble efforts to keep the Gaza border... [Read More]
A report by the Southern Poverty Law Center seeks to illustrate how Mr. Miller brought anti-immigrant beliefs to the White House and turned them into... [Read More]