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Friday, May 19, 2017 at 04:22 PM
The vice president, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, has for months defied government orders to surrender amid new allegations of violence and sexual abuse. [Read More]
President Trump's budget request for the Environmental Protection Agency saves its deepest cuts for scientists but would also target environmental cleanups. [Read More]
This week the broadcast networks released their fall prime-time schedules, as they do every May. Here's a quick look at the shows, both returning and... [Read More]
Listen to the week's most notable new songs from Lana Del Rey, Courtney Barnett, Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan and more. [Read More]
In 'Dark Angel' on PBS, the story of one of the first female serial killers... [Read More]
A walkout affecting 35,000 employees backed union protests that call-center jobs were being sent overseas and retail work diverted to nonunion stores. [Read More]
A new building is designed with a full-service lounge open to anyone, instead of a staid front lobby. [Read More]
Twenty-seven men were arrested on drug charges. But because they were not engaging in sex, they were not charged with homosexuality, which is a crime... [Read More]
Highlights from the worlds of fashion, food and art. [Read More]
Victoria Day, a holiday for federal public servants and everyone else in most provinces, started in 1845. Nowadays, it ends with a Burning Schoolhouse, a... [Read More]
This pioneering electronic music composer, known for her house-filling installations, died in 2009. Can her work live on without her? [Read More]
Election being interpreted in the West as a gauge of support for nuclear deal. [Read More]
Lori Szala wrote that "abortion is society's easy way out" of the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. Readers offer their views. [Read More]
Female armpit hair is back -- and it might be here to stay. According to recent figures from research group Mintel, the percentage of women... [Read More]
Outsourcing knowledge to Google keeps you from learning things the right way. [Read More]
The Mormon Church's move away from scouting creates an opportunity for the Scouts to end anti-gay discrimination once and for all. [Read More]
Mario Borghezio, of the anti-immigration Northern League, was convicted of comments based on racial hatred against Cécile Kyenge, Italy's first black minister. [Read More]
If Donald Trump is right, then "both the Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton witch hunts were likely fake news," a writer says. [Read More]
The toast we're all hoping to hear at the not-quite-royal wedding. [Read More]
To "stockade." To be "salvaged." Tortured pork chops. In the Philippines, new language normalizes new un-freedoms. [Read More]
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