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Tripping out to "Twin Peaks"? Follow its visionary director's artistic trajectory. Elsewhere, the Rayburns return for a last ride through the Keys. [Read More]
David Lynch's series returned to TV after more than 25 years. [Read More]
With David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" revival coming to Showtime on May 21, it's a good time to stream down the twisted path that got him... [Read More]
Daniel Schlosberg, who wrote his doctoral thesis on Angelo Badalementi's indelible score for the David Lynch show, has written a piece based on it for... [Read More]
David Lynch is directing the new, 18-hour chapter of the series, which is beginning on Showtime and features much of the cast from 26 years... [Read More]
This is a composite sketch of the perfect cherry pie The buttery, well-seasoned crust is adapted from the Cherry Pie That'll Kill Ya at Butter... [Read More]
David Lynch returned to the helm, wrapping the original run of "Twin Peaks" with some of the series's most relentlessly twisted moments. [Read More]
More than two decades after 'Twin Peaks' set off a cultural explosion, the actor is reunited with David Lynch and a beloved character. [Read More]
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