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Mayor de Blasio might have to cough up more money for schools next year than he thought. Gov. Cuomo's preliminary budget allocates $300 million less... [Read More]
Cynthia Nixon attacked Gov. Cuomo as "famously vengeful" and said she decided to challenge him because "bullies have to be confronted?" The actress went after... [Read More]
Gov. Cuomo on Friday argued the issue isn't how much the state spends on education, but how districts use it. [Read More]
Two prominent Democratic elected officials — Public Advocate Letitia James and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer — both declined to endorse Gov. Cuomo for re-election... [Read More]
The chances of congestion pricing being enacted this year are "tenuous at best," Gov. Cuomo said Friday. Cuomo is negotiating with state lawmakers about including... [Read More]
Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon is poking fun at Gov. Cuomo's website – saying his slogan "Make New York Great Again" was still up even after... [Read More]
Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York (D), talks about the approaching state budget deadline and his priorities as final negotiations with the Assembly and Senate. [Read More]
Coming up on today's show: Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, and Letitia James, New York City Public Advocate, talk about their proposal for a... [Read More]
My visit to the Pelham Parkway Houses had none of the hoopla of Gov. Cuomo's recent visits to New York City Housing... [Read More]
In an extraordinary use of gubernatorial authority, Gov. Cuomo is directing the state's attorney general... [Read More]
Gov. Cuomo's push for a special tax on opioid prescriptions is another one of his terrible gimmicks. He frames it as an "opioid epidemic surcharge"... [Read More]
The head of the city's child welfare agency called on state officials Thursday to withdraw $170 million in cuts, warning that could hurt foster kids.... [Read More]
New York's upstate population continues to decline — even as Gov. Cuomo pumps billions into its economy, according to a report Thursday. U.S. Census Bureau... [Read More]
Spring may have sprung, but someone forgot to tell Old Man Winter, as the fourth nor'easter in three weeks hit the Big Apple on Wednesday.... [Read More]
Gov. Cuomo is pushing hard to give the MTA the right to grab some of the city's property-tax take — as thuggish an assault on... [Read More]
Policymakers across the country are looking for ways to stem the tide of opioid-related overdoses and addictions. Gov. Cuomo's idea, taxing prescription opioids, won't do... [Read More]
Mayor de Blasio on Wednesday accused Gov. Cuomo of "hypocrisy" for having a photo-op at a dilapidated New York City Housing Authority project without chipping... [Read More]
Seeking to spin a personal attack on her into political gold, Cynthia Nixon asked her supporters Wednesday for contributions to repudiate a slam against her... [Read More]
Gov. Cuomo dismissed actress Cynthia Nixon's blistering attack on him from the day before as part of the "political silly season." [Read More]
Celebs urge N.Y. governor to raise tipped wage        ... [Read More]