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Friday, January 12, 2018 at 04:00 AM
509 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn (718-284-5800) [Read More]
Ten Americans exhibit at Artists Space. [Read More]
1037 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn... [Read More]
Polite but frustrated teachers in Ohio try to organize a fund-raiser, in this encore run of a play by the Mad Ones. [Read More]
The work of an overlooked composer gets unearthed at the Kitchen. [Read More]
President Trump's ignorance of statecraft and disdain for diplomacy may doom his effort to prompt a Pakistani crackdown on extremist groups, David Rohde writes. [Read More]
Vinson Cunningham reviews "Nice Lady," a new standup special by Michelle Wolf on HBO. [Read More]
Rivers of mud and debris crushed homes in Santa Barbara County, killing at least seventeen people and destroying approximately a hundred houses. [Read More]
Andy Borowitz jokes that Donald Trump requested his remark about "shithole countries" be added to the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty. [Read More]
Amy Davidson Sorkin on Trump's press conference on Wednesday with the Prime Minister of Norway, in which he once again turned the subject to Hillary... [Read More]
Priya Krishna on Urvashi Pitre, who is known for her Instant Pot recipe for butter chicken and easy versions of other Indian favorites. [Read More]
Masha Gessen writes about Moira Donegan, the woman who came forward as the author of the Shitty Media Men list when her anonymity was threatened. [Read More]
David Denby writes about prohibitively expensive speakers, turntables, and other setups for listening to music. [Read More]
Liana Finck illustrates a humorous new advice-column comic featuring Pepper, who answers readers' questions about what to do in difficult or uncomfortable situations. [Read More]
John Cassidy writes about Paul Ryan's comments on Donald Trump's plan for the Republican Party, including the G.O.P.'s reward-the-rich tax bill. [Read More]
Charles Bethea reports from Indianapolis, Indiana, where he speaks with Carrier workers who will soon be laid off, despite President Trump's promise to protect U.S.... [Read More]
Lars Kenseth's Daily Cartoon considers President Donald Trump's relationship with the media. [Read More]
Teddy Wayne writes a humorous first-person account about a Storm Trooper who is reconsidering his support for Supreme Leader Snoke. [Read More]
John Cassidy writes about the newly released testimony of Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion of GPS, the firm that commissioned the Trump-Russia dossier. [Read More]
Lauren Collins on a controversial opinion piece by the actress Catherine Deneuve and other high-profile Frenchwomen attacking the #MeToo movement. [Read More]