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Sights and Sounds from President Donald Trump's hundredth day as commander-in-chief — presented in 100 seconds. Photos: Getty... [Read More]
Kansas City Jimmy John's worker calmly hands over cash with gun to his head - National News Kansas City police released clear surveillance video showing... [Read More]
Protesters lit buses on fire, blocked roads and clashed with police on Friday during a general strike that brought transportation to a halt in many... [Read More]
President Trump signed an executive order Friday that could lead to the expansion of drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, saying it reverses his... [Read More]
Batnaya, a Christian town in Iraq's Kurdistan region, was badly damaged by fighting between Islamic State and Kurdish Peshmerga forces. Lauren Ashburn, anchor and managing... [Read More]
Killer whales off of Monterey Bay reportedly chalked up their fourth kill since last Thursday after separating a helpless gray whale calf from its mother. [Read More]
Patrick Young joined Tucker Carlson tonight to debate what steps can or should be taken to combat illegal immigrant crime. [Read More]
The Trump administration announced Wednesday its intent to proceed with a radical cut to the corporate-income tax, lowering it to 15 percent. We haven't been... [Read More]
President Donald Trump said Friday that he's avoiding New York City because his trips are "too expensive" for the country. [Read More]
The Milwaukee Brewers led 4-0 and 8-4, but lose to the Braves... [Read More]
Finding the negative in the Yankees' 14-11 extra-inning rally over the Orioles might be nitpicking, but CC Sabathia was that negative. Sabathia followed a brilliant... [Read More]
Turkish authorities on Saturday blocked access to online encyclopedia Wikipedia, an internet monitoring group said, the latest in what government critics say is a crackdown... [Read More]
President Donald Trump said Friday that North Korea's failed missile launch had "disrespected" China's president. [Read More]
Hey Carolina, Brooklyn's in the house. Are you ready for that? Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey and the rest of the Panthers, meet Curtis Samuel, a... [Read More]
In some inexplicable way, it seems that one loss, and the way it happened, has made the opportunity in front of the Rangers all the... [Read More]
A hacker claiming to have the upcoming season of Netflix's hit series "Orange is the New Black," is demanding the video streaming service pay an... [Read More]
It is said the true measure of a draft isn't known for at least three years. By then, those drafted either will have proven to... [Read More]
The solar system that humanity calls home may have once been inhabited by an extinct species of spacefaring aliens... [Read More]
Self-driving Teslas will be able to go between Los Angeles and New York City by the end of this year, Tesla chief executive Elon Musk... [Read More]
Kneel before Aaron Judge, your new ruler. Darling of The Bronx. King of the exit velocity. Rookie of the Year. ... [Read More]