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In a perfect world, our mobile phones would work correctly, all day long. Every time we entered a number, a crisp voice would answer, "Hello?" [Read More]
President Trump declared his administration the most transparent in history Saturday, saying his White House staff has supplied more than a million pages of information... [Read More]
Can you beat the market using the WSJ's trading simulator? [Read More]
It didn't take long for the PGA Tour once again to revert to "Tiger Woods and everyone else." That same old song, revitalized with Woods'... [Read More]
Dear John: Here in Beverly Hills and throughout California, there is a major issue: There are no Rolex watches to be found! Even the secondary... [Read More]
The Friday night shooting outside a Florida high school football game in which two men were wounded had nothing to do with the students, and... [Read More]
The United Nations has been getting bad press recently. [Read More]
I grew up in Atlanta during the Civil Rights Movement. As a child, after Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated, I watched his funeral procession... [Read More]
The great engine of American capitalism is once again firing on all cylinders, as shown by the 4.1 percent annualized growth of America's gross domestic... [Read More]
Dear Mid-life, 40-Something Birthday –    Blow out your dripping candles from the Dollar Store this week, circling there on your gluten-free birthday cake like... [Read More]
All of us at one point have gone through a difficult season: the death of a family member, a sudden financial crisis, an unexpected illness. [Read More]
The developing narrative of the Latino community is one about economic opportunity. [Read More]
Exploring the Great Barrier Reef has been near the top of my Bucket List for a long time. [Read More]
The Camp Pendleton-based Marine who fell overboard this month from an aircraft vessel off the Philippines, prompting a search, has been identified by military officials. [Read More]
The Trump administration is escalating an effort to revive the flagging U.S. coal industry with a planned move next week to replace restrictive Obama-era climate... [Read More]
This city is suggesting residents cool it with the sex. The health secretary of Santa Marta, Julio Salas, advised locals to abstain from sex to... [Read More]
Fans often have to be watchful after a bad golf shot. They just don't usually have to watch out for a flying club. After hitting... [Read More]
A savage brawl between two warring groups of FDNY firefighters at a Bronx firehouse has sparked multiple investigations and shocked even hardened department brass, The... [Read More]
Starter Luis Severino did not give the Yankees great length again. But he gave them a victory. Guess what they wanted more? For the seventh... [Read More]