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On Monday's MTP Daily, frequent MSNBC guest Zerlina Maxwell made the latest claim of "voter suppression" perpetrated by Republicans as she ludicrously declared that voter... [Read More]
Let the record show that after more than two seasons, CW's Supergirl has not only lost the art of subtlety but consistency as well. The... [Read More]
In an interview Monday with C-SPAN, Hillary Clinton denied that any of the new stories on Russian manipulation of the Clintons and the world uranium... [Read More]
The Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) appear to be fed-up with Russia investigations. In the last few days, there had been numerous new... [Read More]
Sunday marked Ana Marie Cox's last Talk interview on the back page of the New York Times Sunday Magazine. It was the usual loving treatment... [Read More]
Who better to tell America how to deal with racism than a white, highly paid, Hollywood actor? [Read More]
The media want to ignore Hillary Clinton and the Russian uranium deal because "it defies what they want to talk about," according to MRC's Vice... [Read More]
Most people tend to stop and think a bit before making an overstatement. But not Tom Hanks. At the National Archives Foundation Gala this weekend,... [Read More]
Almost from the moment that Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president in 2015, we have been hearing a familiar cacophony from the mainstream media:... [Read More]
On Monday's Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough decided to attack Donald Trump, once again, as having an administration full of "a lot of little autocrats... [Read More]
"Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group are now the subjects of a federal investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, three sources with knowledge... [Read More]
Sunday, October 22's episode of Fox's comedy The Last Man on Earth, titled "Wisconsin," featured an extremely uncomfortable scene between main character Tandy (Will Forte)... [Read More]

Another one bites the dust in corrupt old Hollywood. This time, director James Toback is getting his comeuppance.

... [Read More]

A 17-year-old illegal alien in federal custody wants an abortion, and abortion advocates are railing against the federal government arguing against that "right to choose."... [Read More]

On Monday morning, CNN further debased itself into the terrain of mockery, unveiling a new advertisement clearly aimed at President Trump by arguing that "some... [Read More]

The broadcast network morning and evening shows have so far failed to provide even a single second of coverage to an October 17 report from... [Read More]

Bribery, bullying of an informant and now a Russian spy ring: The Clinton/Russia/Uranium scandal has all the ingredients of a juicy spy thriller, but so... [Read More]
While covering Republican efforts to reform the tax system and the health care industry, on Monday's CBS This Morning, correspondent Major Garrett turned to Democrats... [Read More]
Kenneth Stern, a former CEO at National Public Radio, has a shocking new book out called Republican Like Me. After spending extensive time with conservatives,... [Read More]
Awards are no longer recognition for the work of an artist. They are an excuse to give celebrities a pulpit to preach from about how... [Read More]