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President Donald Trump and one of his lawyers, John Dowd, over the weekend took an aggressive and specific new bead on the investigation by Special... [Read More]
The nation's largest retailers are asking President Donald Trump not to slap new tariffs on China. [Read More]
Charlotte-based steel maker Nucor gave money for a trade documentary that was produced by a now-top adviser to President Donald Trump, the Wall Street Journal... [Read More]
President Trump said recently, "I believe I'd run into the school building in Parkland, Florida, even if I didn't have a weapon, and confront the shooter... [Read More]
Hard on the heels of firing his secretary of State, President Donald Trump is preparing another shakeup, moving toward replacing his national security adviser, H.R.... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's decision to quash an overseas bid for Qualcomm Inc. was almost certainly the right thing to do. That it came with little... [Read More]
The Russia investigation has landed squarely in the sleek black Manhattan skyscraper where President Donald Trump made his mark as a freewheeling real estate developer... [Read More]
House Republicans may have the power to prevent important facts about President Donald Trump and Russia from coming to public light. But here's what they... [Read More]
When President Donald Trump held a bizarre meeting with members of Congress two weeks ago on the topic of guns, everyone immediately knew that just... [Read More]
President Donald Trump explained on Tuesday that he fired Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson because they do not see eye to eye on certain... [Read More]
President Donald Trump inspects prototypes of a proposed border wall in Southern California. [Read More]
WRAL is live from the State Department hearing in Washington, D.C. where the media is getting an update on the day President Donald Trump ousted... [Read More]
Gov. Henry McMaster is hosting a roundtable discussion on the potential impacts of President Donald Trump's infrastructure plan on the state. [Read More]
Gov. Henry McMaster hosted a roundtable discussion on the potential impacts of President Donald Trump's infrastructure plan on the state. [Read More]
John McEntee, President Donald Trump's personal assistant, was escorted out of the White House on Monday, two senior administration officials said, according to the Wall... [Read More]
Rex Tillerson is out as secretary of state. President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday morning that he's naming CIA director Mike Pompeo to replace Tillerson. [Read More]
President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he is replacing Rex Tillerson as secretary of state with CIA Director Mike Pompeo. [Read More]