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The Latest on the White House chief of staff (all times local): 10 p.m. As President Donald Trump ponders picking a new chief... [Read More]
President Donald Trump confirmed Friday morning that State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert, someone with only brief government service and limited experience in diplomacy and foreign... [Read More]
Before 9 a.m., President Donald Trump unleashed a series of furious tweets. [Read More]
The Latest on the White House chief of staff (all times local): 8:05 p.m. Now that President Donald Trump's top choice to be... [Read More]
When federal prosecutors recommended a substantial prison term for President Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, they linked Trump to the crimes Cohen had committed... [Read More]
A day after announcing that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly would be leaving his post, President Donald Trump's plan to shift the Vice... [Read More]
As President Donald Trump ponders picking a new chief of staff, more names are emerging as possible contenders for the job. People familiar with the... [Read More]
Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018 -- "He never lost his sense of humor," former Sen. Alan Simpson said of George H.W. Bush. "Humor is the universal... [Read More]
Now that Democrats will soon control one branch of Congress, President Donald Trump is again signaling that infrastructure could be an area of compromise. We... [Read More]
If I told you that President Donald Trump employs undocumented immigrants, you might say, "That's impossible. A staunch and principled opponent of illegal immigrants like... [Read More]
President Donald Trump on Friday picked an establishment Republican with a polished legal career to lead the Justice Department and a political loyalist and brash... [Read More]
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took questions Thursday on the contentious race for North Carolina's 9th District. President Donald Trump rolled back more environmental protections pertaining... [Read More]
President Donald Trump announced he will nominate William Barr as attorney general. [Read More]
President Donald Trump said he will nominate William Barr as the next U.S. attorney general, putting an advocate of a strong executive branch in charge... [Read More]
President Donald Trump came into office committed to withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. It was a flawed deal, to be certain, but... [Read More]
Kris Kobach, an ally of President Donald Trump who served on a voter integrity panel, expressed worry Thursday that Republican fraud might have tainted a... [Read More]
I'm old enough to remember when President Donald Trump boasted about the stock market. No more. As of this writing, the Dow Jones industrial average... [Read More]
The Republican Party and President Donald Trump have spent a lot of time issuing hysterical, racist, and evidence-free warnings about the prevalence of "voter fraud" in the... [Read More]
A veteran trooper with the NC State Highway Patrol has been placed on administrative duty while the agency investigates comments on social media about President... [Read More]
Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018 -- As the midterms approached, President Donald Trump tweeted a warning that "Law enforcement has been strongly notified to watch closely... [Read More]